Free Tarot Reading About Love

Get an Accurate Free Love Tarot Reading Online

Free Tarot Reading About Love Online

A Tarot Card has the aim to help us understand our past, present, and future. It will provide us the insights about what are the changes when we found the love of our life. If you want to have an accurate free tarot reading about love, these steps will help you get a better reading.

Tarot Deck

The tarot deck consists of 78 cards. All of these tarot cards are different from one another in terms of the unique picture and the symbols, and each has a corresponding meaning.

Step-by-Step Process to Get a Free Love Tarot Reading

It lies on our hands where the path we will go in the aspect of love. Here are the step-by-step process in getting an accurate free love tarot reading:

Create Our Question

We need to know what is the question that is kept in our minds to ensure that it will serve as our objectives. It includes asking ourselves the questions on how we can find the love of our life and its attitude.

Shuffle and Layout the Tarot Card

We need to shuffle our multiple cards, and we must focus on our energy. If we are ready to choose the cards, we need to lay out the cards. Then, we can select seven cards to foretell the instances of our future love.

Interpret our Chosen Cards

We need to flip the seven cards to check its image and symbols. Then, click the Get Reading Button.

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Soymbols of the Cards in a Free Psychic Tarot Love Reading Online Chat

Symbols of the Cards

The tarot comes with different images and symbols as well as its meaning, such as:

Minor Arcana

It is the symbol that has the image of the cups, swords, wands, and pentacles. All of these images represent the four elements of life.

Pentacles Symbolism

It is a symbol that represents the earth. Also, it tackles the status of our health, finances, and or career.

Cup Symbolism

The cup symbolism represents the water, which addresses our multiple emotions. Its central concept is to tackle love.

Wands Symbolism

The wand is the element of fire. It pertains to our motivation to achieve all of our dreams. Also, it looks at the positive changes in seeking the purpose of our existence.

Symbols Found in the Suit of Swords

It is associated with air that serves as a representation of the obstacles that we will face. Despite the problems, we will still be brave to confront it and provide a solution.

The symbolism of Numbers in the Tarot

Usually, this card has the image of the King, Queen, knight, and ace. It will foretell the balance in our relationships that has a fresh start and ends with the best partnership.

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Meaning of the Colors in a Free Tarot Reading Love and Life

Symbolic Colors on the Tarot Cards

As we can see, the tarot cards are colorful, that has an interpretation, such as:


It means protection and the negativity that is caused by the misunderstanding with our future love.


It means that we have a passion for work and the security that we will feel when our lover is beside us.


It symbolizes romantic love in the future that can help us to learn how to open our hearts to forgive our partner when they commit a mistake. Also, it refers to a stronger commitment.


The interpretation of this color means creative ideas and happiness. When we found the right person, our dark life will be painted with a colorful hue. It can result to ensure that we will have a positive mind and choose to be happy every day of our existence.


The brown color has the meaning that we will have a long-lasting relationship. When we felt burned out, our partner will be there to comfort us.


It refers to the opportunity that we will meet more people who want to court us. One of them is the man that is meant to be our love.


Gold has the meaning that God will be the center of the relationship. We can rest assured that it can help to strengthen our beliefs that there is God.


This color refers to the bitterness that we will feel about the love we rushed to be in a relationship. Also, it can ensure that we will be on the healing process.

We need to have a personal connection to the tarot cards to have a clue where the path we will walk in the aspect of life. In other words, love takes time, and it is a commitment, even when our mood changes.