Stokely Carmicheal

By: Tiyanna Landes

Stokely Carmichael

Stokely Carmicheal's style of fighting racial injustice was violent. In 1966 Carmichael became student nonviolent coordinating commitee chairman, in 1967 he became the honarary prime minister of the black panther party. The black power concept became Carmichaels personal mission signifying political power the organization of african americans for liberation by any means necessary veiwpoint in which he agreed with Malcolm X. In 1966 the violent white resistance to civil rights protests in the south in combination with many beatings he had suffered impelled Carmichael to abandon his commitments to nonviolence and integration. He organized a seperate african american party the Lowndes county freedon organization and chose as its logo a ferocious black panther.

Black Panthers

After graduating from Howard, Carmichael became an organizer for SNCC, whose integrated membership registered voters, taught rural blacks to read and write and opened clinics. The black panthers protected african americans against police harrassment, organized antidrug clinics and set up lunch programs in the schools. Stokely Carmicheal joined the CORE and while at Howard became a freedon rider, participating in the integrated bus rides in the south that CORE organizes to confront segregation in interstate travel. When in 1969 the panthers, under their minister of information Elridge Cleaver opted for cooperation with white radical groups, Carmichael resigned from the party and left the country. Carmichael occasionally revisited the U.S to lecture on african culture as the logical extension of black power and to promote his african peoples revolutionary party. People who stood in his way were white people who were opposed to segregation. The biggest challenge Stokely Carmichael faced was being in riots because they threw stuff at him.


Stokely Carmicheal died of cancer in Conakry, Guinea on November 15, 1998