The New and Improved Glue

What is it?

Smarkle is the new and improved glue that smells, shines and yet still sticks. It is the fun smellable new glue bottle that comes in any color you want. Stick around for more information about Smarkle.

What's the Purpose?

Smarkle has many purposes like its super fun to use for homework, projects and reports. It also makes your paper smell like any flavor you want. Smarkle does not have to be used as glue you know. It can be used as just normal paint. You can try many new things with Smarkle! Why don't you start now!

What Can It Be Used For?

Looking for anything sparkly, smellable, colorful and sticky? Well thats why Smarkle is here! You can use Smarkle to stick things on paper, cardboard or poster board. You could also paint a beautiful picture with it, or even squirt it on your brother or sister. I'm sure they would like that. :-)


Smell, Shine and Stick

Try Smarkle now! Not only does it shine and blaze with color, but also has a sweet smell to it. You can also get the super fun duck tape cover. Smarkle only $5.99.

The ingredients are:

*1 bottle of glue (regular sized)

*1 marker of ink

*1/4 teaspoon of glitter

*10 drops of hand sanitizer (any flavor)

*If you choose to put on a ducked tape cover than 1 role of ducked tape.

This is a mixture because it is 2 or more things mixed or stirred together.

Made handy, By: Alayna