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Fall Fundraiser Thank You!

Our Fall Fundraiser was a huge success this year. We sold over $22,000 worth of retail merchandise which in turn earned our school over $9,000! We can't thank you enough for all of your support with this fundraiser. The money raised will go to support the students and teachers of OES by funding special classroom projects, kids and families in need, books, guest speakers, field trips, virtual presentations, and so much more!

Many shoppers chose to have their merchandise shipped right to their own home but a few orders will be delivered to the school. As soon as we know when those will arrive we will put out a notice to all families to schedule pick up of those orders. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding the fundraiser.

Once again, thanks for all of your support!
Miss Karnes


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Mistakes Grow Your Brain - Excerpts from

During math class at OES over the last few weeks, teachers have been working with students on thinking about how they think about math. How students think about math and how well they deal with the struggle that comes with learning math is important to their success in math class. Below is an excerpt from an article found on, a website devoted to Inspire ALL Students with Open, Creative Mindset Mathematics.

"Psychologist Jason Moser studied the neural mechanisms that operate in people’s brains when they make mistakes (Moser et al., 2011). Moser and his group found something fascinating. When we make a mistake, synapses fire. A synapse is an electrical signal that moves between parts of the brain when learning occurs.

When I have told teachers that mistakes cause your brain to spark and grow, they have said, “Surely this only happens if students correct their mistake and go on to solve the problem correctly.” But this is not the case. In fact, Moser’s study shows us that we don’t even have to be aware we have made a mistake for brain sparks to occur.

The recent neurological research on the brain and mistakes is hugely important for math teachers and parents, as it tells us that making a mistake is a very good thing. Mistakes are not only opportunities for learning, as students consider the mistakes, but also times when our brains grow. Understanding the power of mistakes is critical, as children and adults everywhere often feel terrible when they make a mistake in math. They think it means they are not a math person, because they have been brought up in a performance culture (see Boaler, 2014) in which mistakes are not valued—or worse, they are punished.

In a second study, Gabriele Steuer and her colleagues looked at the climate of math classrooms to consider the impact of “mistakes friendly” or “mistakes unfriendly” environments on students’ reactions to errors and the amount of effort they would put into classes (Steur et al., 2013). They found that when students perceived their classroom as mistakes friendly – above and beyond other aspects of their classrooms environment – they increased their effort in their work."


Boaler, J. (2014). The Mathematics of Hope, Heinemann

Boaler, J. (2015). Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students’ Potential Through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Moser, J. S., Schroder, H. S., Heeter, C., Moran, T. P., & Lee, Y. H. (2011). Mind Your Errors Evidence for a Neural Mechanism Linking Growth Mind-Set to Adaptive Posterror Adjustments. Psychological Science, 0956797611419520.

Steuer, G., Rosentritt-Brunn, G., & Dresel, M. (2013). Dealing with errors in mathematics classrooms: Structure and relevance of perceived error climate. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 38(3), 196-210.

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Important Dates for 10/4 - 10/8

Monday, 10/4 - Ms. Nicholas' class at Roberts Farm

Tuesday, 10/5 - Mrs. Gordon's class at Roberts Farm

Wednesday, 10/6 - Early Release Day, dismissal 1 hour early

Thursday, 10/7 - Ms. Duggan's class at Roberts Farm

Friday, 10/8 - No School, Teacher Workshop Day

Upcoming Dates-

Monday, 10/11 - Indigenous People Day, No School

Tuesday, 10/12 - Ms. Guerrette's class at Roberts Farm

Wednesday, 10/13 - Fire Safety Demonstration with Oxford Fire, Pre-K - Grade 3

Thursday, 10/14 - School Picture Day

Thursday, 10/21 - Parent-Teacher Conferences, No School

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