Alison Goodman

Setting/Main character/Other Character

  • The story takes place in china in the land of Cestial planes. in the past
  • The Main charcters are Kygo the emporer and, Eon a girl pretending to be a boy, or the mirror dragoneye.
  • The minor characters are Ryko a man who work for the emporer, Dela a man who lives like a woman, Ido The Rat dragoneye, and Dillion the aprentice of Ido.

characters I like/dislike

  • The characters I like are Kygo, Eon a.k.a. Eona in the second book, dela, and Ryko, because these are the main good characters in the story and the way they are and act are awsome.

What happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the story

  1. In the beginning of the story Eon is inroled in dragoneye acadmy, when it is time to see if they are the one to take after the rat dragoneye, when it dosen't chose her, she and the other canadits go pray in front of the emporers mirror to send their prayers to the dragons and gods
  2. In the Eon finds out that Ido is going to try to kill the other 10 dragoneyes so he can get the wepon of the dragons the string of perals
  3. In the end Ido has killed all the other dragoneyes except Eon and High lord Sethon the emporor uncle takes over the palace a kills Kygo's mom and brother and clamis he is the emporor.

problem/solution and what I learned

  • the problem is that everyone is afriad that High Lord Sethon is going to kill the new emporor's, brother, and motherand take the throne and spill the land into chaos.
  • there is no solution until book two
  • What I learned is that china has a very strong belife in dragons

Theme/ did I like the story

  • the theme is dont let greed cloud your mind
  • I liked the story because it used history along with it being makebelive