Our Students Are Going Google!

Van Meter Elementary

Our Elementary Students Now Have Their Very Own Google Drive (Docs)

Students will have access to their student work, calendars, and collaborative tools to create documents, presentations, forms, spreadsheets, drawings, and sites whenever they have access at any time, from most types of devices.

Students will maintain access to their Google Drive as they move from grade to grade with Van Meter School.

The elementary principal Mrs. Sigrist stated in the February Newsletter...

Our young people will use the tools in Google Drive across the curriculum. They will use them to create & collaborate.

This screen shot within the Van Meter Google Drive shows all of the tools our students will have access to.

Every student will be bringing home a Google Drive Student Card.

This card will contain their "Sign In" information. Each student will have their own "Username" and "Password" that is specific to them.

Who will teach the students about Google Drive?

Shannon McClintock Miller, the district teacher librarian, will introduce Google Drive to all elementary students during their time in the library this week. She will be introducing all of the tools within Google Drive through presentations, fun activities, and meaningful lessons that tie directly to the curriculum.

The teachers will begin to incorporate Google Drive into their classrooms as well. They will share more information with parents as they tools are being used.

Will the students have access to Google Drive outside of school?

One of the best things about the children having their own Google Drive is that they will have access to these tools outside of school too. They will be able to access all of the tools at home and anyplace they are connected online.

How do the students get to Google Drive? How do we find it at home?

They can get to Google Drive from each of the Symbaloo's that are posted on littlevanmetervoice.com. Symbaloo is the homepage for all of our laptops so it is very easy for them to get to the resources that they need.

"Van Meter Elementary Library" Symbaloo

Each grade level has their very own Symbaloo too. They are linked from this page in the left hand corner.

You Might Be Asking....."And who is going to teach me about Google Drive?"

The two videos below will help you understand Google Drive (Docs) and the tools it includes.

Also, please let us know if you have any other questions. We will be happy to teach you about Google Drive too.

Google Docs in Plain English
Google Demo Slam: Epic Docs Animation

To be clear, the students do not have active email accounts. They only have access to the tools within Google Drive.

You can contact Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Sigrist with any questions. We will be happy to answer them.

Mrs. Miller at shannon.miller@vmbulldogs.com and Twitter @shannonmmiller

Mrs. Sigrist at jennifer.sigrist@vmbulldogs.com and Twitter @jensigrist