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March 29, 2019

Self-care for Students

Increased daylight, sunny blue skies, singing birds and the colorful budding flowers of springtime are welcome signs that the 2018-19 school year is approaching the home stretch. Graduation week and summer vacation are just around the bend. Less than a third of the year will remain when we return from spring break! While it may be tempting for students to enter ‘summer mode’ early, I encourage you to help your children hang in there and to support them in embracing this important, eventful time as their healthiest self!

For high school students, especially this time of year, many factors come into play that can derail self-care. Staying up too late stressing over academics or being “plugged” into electronic entertainment, eating less than healthy foods at odd times of the day, or being too sedentary are stressors that will eventually catch up with students. Getting adequate sleep, eating nutritious food and exercising regularly are simple, effective ways of taking good care of oneself. Other ideas for self-care in high school include stretching regularly, studying in different places so homework feels less like a chore, and doing something for enjoyment every day.

Self-care, as defined by the International Self Care Foundation, is ‘’what people do for themselves to establish and maintain health, and to prevent and deal with illness.” Self-care is a broad concept that includes taking care of our emotional self as well. I encourage you to check in with your children regularly. If they are struggling in school, feeling anxious, wanting to give up, or just feeling overwhelmed, have them seek out support from family and friends, their counselor, or teachers at school. Mental health and emotional self-care are difficult to manage alone.

I hope your children are all able to enjoy spring break and return to school feeling rested, rejuvenated, and at their healthiest as we turn on to the home stretch of 2018-19!


Joseph Doucette - Asst. Principal

Remembering Butch

In the last two weeks, the BHS community has received amazing support from countless other schools and the community at large. Thanks for all the love in this difficult time.

The Memorial Service for Butch Mullins will take place on Saturday, March 30: Memorial Service Information

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Bellingham Sports Report

Friday (3/22)

Girls Tennis (Varsity): Lynden 4 - Bellingham 2

Girls Tennis (JV): Bellingham 7 - Lynden 0

Track: Red Raiders took 1st place in four events at the Bedlington Invitation and earned medals (for top 3 finishes) in five events:

100m - 1st - Spencer L.

800m - 1st - Annika R.

Triple Jump - 1st - Jaden S.

4x100m Relay - 1st - Jack F., Isaac N., Spencer L., Ethan J.

100m - 2nd - Ethan J.
100m - 2nd - Carmen S.
3200m - 2nd - Grace M.
4x400m Relay - 2nd - Carmen S., Mazy W., Grace M., Annika R.
Discus - 3rd - Christopher O.

Baseball (Varsity): Ferndale 13 - Bellingham 1

Boys Soccer (C): Squalicum 4 - Bellingham 1

Saturday (3/23)

Boys Soccer (Varsity): Sehome 3 - Bellingham 1

Boys Soccer (JV): Bellingham 2 - Sehome 1

Baseball (Varsity): South Whidbey 12 - Bellingham 9

Monday (3/25)

Girls Tennis (Varsity): Bellingham 7 - Ferndale 0

Girls Tennis (JV): Bellingham 7 - Ferndale 0

Boys Soccer (C): Bellingham 8 - Sedro-Woolley 0

Tuesday (3/26)

Boys Baseball (Varsity): Lakewood 10 - Bellingham 0

Boys Soccer (Varsity): Squalicum 1 - Bellingham 0

Boys Soccer (JV): Squalicum 3 - Bellingham 1

Boys Lacrosse (Club): Burlington Edison 8 - Bellingham 7

Wednesday (3/27)

Girls Tennis (Varsity): Bellingham 6 - Lakewood 1

Girls Tennis (JV): Bellingham 7 - Lakewood 0

Boys Soccer (C): Burlington-Edison 2 - Bellingham 1

Track (Varsity) League Meet - BHS, Lynden, Mt. Baker, B.E.

Thursday (3/28)

Boys Golf (Varsity): Birger Solberg

Girls Golf (Varsity): Whatcom County Championship

Baseball (Varsity) vs SQHS

Boys Soccer (C) vs SHS

Boys Soccer (Varsity) vs Blaine

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