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Roar goes the jaguar in the rainforet. Baby jaguars stay with their mother when they are young. Two years later baby jaguars go off on their own. Jaguars creep up on their prey then they kill it. Jaguars live in mostly rainforests and jaguars also live near water lands. Snatch watch your back for jaguars.

Growing up

Baby jaguars don't always stay with their mother. Mother jaguars hide their cubs in a den. This keeps the cubs safe from predators. Baby cubs can weigh between 25 or 29 ounces. Mother jaguars can have 2 or 4 cubs in a litter. When jaguars grow up they spend most of their time alone. Each jaguar has its own territory so stay away. It would be a nightmare for a baby jaguar to leave its mother jaguar.


Grrrrrrrrrr is it food time? Jaguars eat fish,deer,mice,monkeys and turtles. Jaguars also eat snacks,crocodiles,sloths and tapirs. When jaguars get close enough to their prey they creep up on it and pounced on their prey and then they kill it. Jaguars sometimes climb trees to hunt. When their prey walks by the jaguars jumps down from the tree. These great cats are also good at fishing. Jaguars wait quietly next to a river or stream. When a fish swims by the jaguar catches its prey in its claws. Growl tummy's all full.

Range and Habitat

Jaguars can be found growling in a number of different habitats. Most jaguars live in the rainforest. Jaguars also live in South America,Central America,and the Southern parts of North America. Jaguars also live near grasslands or the woods. Jaguars also live near water. Jaguars can also live in Mexico too. This is the jaguars territory.


Grrrrrrrrrrrrr it's time to run from the jaguar. Roar the baby jaguar is growing up in a flash. Yum! Crocodiles,eggs, and tapirs too. The rainforest has everything a jaguar needs. This is the end of the jaguars adventure in the rainforest.


prey- an animal that is hunted or killed by another animal for food

den-the home of some kind of wild animal

territory-an area of land that belongs to or is controlled by an animal

cubs-ayoung animal that eats meat


Books: Jaguars World's Strongest Cats by Amelievon Zoumbusch

Online: Jaguars Basic Facts About Jaguars

All about the author

Hi my name is Morgan Roberts I have one sister named Madison Hadlock. I have one dog named Oklay and two cats named Bella and Shadow. I go to James w parker middle school my friends are Richele and Maddy. I have six cousins wow and a big pool too a swing set three grandmas. I love to play with my dog. my dad and mom like me because i'm me there is only one Morgan and thats me.