CPA Chronicles

College Prep Academy, February 2021

Student & Community Highlights

The CPA Chronicles are designed to celebrate student accomplishments in both academics and extracurriculars. If you have other highlights to share, please email them to We love to showcase our College Prep scholars!

Vivian Scales Education Award

Congratulations to Ms. Kathleen Foster, College Prep teacher and Instructional Coach, for her selection as the 2021 Vivian Scales Education Award recipient. Vivian Scales served as a Plaintiff in the Brown v. Board of Education case.

The Board of Directors of Living the Dream, Inc. has selected Ms. Foster for demonstrating excellent, faithful, and diligent service within the educational system. On February 18, Ms. Foster was recognized by the Topeka Public Schools Board of Education for this honor. Congratulations, Ms. Foster!

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Excellence in Athletics

Congratulations to 10th grade College Prep scholar and Highland Park student, Jackie Perez, for her 5th place finish at the January 26 bowling meet. Jackie finished with a score of 463 for her series! Great job, Jackie!

5K & Penguin Plunge

Thank you to 9th grade College Prep scholar and Highland Park student Ruben Cruz (below, left) for participating in the Inaugural 5K and Penguin Plunge held January 9, 2021! The event raised money for Camp Delaware. Participants capped off a 5K race, approximately 3.1 mile run, by plunging into a freezing lake! Congratulations, Ruben!

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Being in Class Pays!

Congratulations to Atticus Segraves, a 8th grade College Prep scholar, for winning an attendance raffle from Robinson Middle School on December 23! Atticus' name was randomly selected from a drawing and he won a new TV! Christmas came early for this young man!

Congratulations Ms. Foster!

Congratulations to Ms. Foster on the birth of her first grandchild, Adonis Marcus. Adonis was born on February 2nd in St. Louis, Missouri! Congratulations!

TPS-TV Anchor

Congratulations to 10th grade College Prep scholar and Topeka High student Maya Welcher for anchoring the newest TPS-TV show! Tune into Facebook, Youtube, or Channel 14 this Friday, February 26 to watch this month's episode. Great job, Maya!

Academic Highlights

English Language Arts Spotlight: 7th Grade Scholar, Brenna Ammon

College Prep students wrote a narrative short story in 2nd quarter. Planning for the short story required completing a plot diagram and sharing ideas with classmates prior to writing. The short story unit was a definite success!! Our next writing adventure is an argumentative essay including research, parenthetical citations, and works cited. Students' writing abilities are soaring in leaps and bounds. Good work, everyone!!

Please enjoy this short story written by 7th grader scholar and Eisenhower Middle student, Brenna Ammon.

Math Spotlight: April 15th....What's It All About?

8th Grade Algebra students are learning about income and the taxes associated with income.

Students earn "income" by participating in class discussions, asking thoughtful questions, and achieving mastery on state standards. Students then apply their knowledge to the real world by paying taxes on their income - both state and federal! Coming up....what should we do with the collected "taxes"? Stay tuned!

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Reminders & Upcoming Events

Juneteenth Memorial Fund Scholarship

The Topeka Family and Friends Juneteenth Committee, Inc. is sponsoring its 7th Annual Juan "Poppy" and Helen Abbott Memorial Scholarship. Shawnee County middle and high students can apply for this $500.00 scholarship!

The application cover page and essay (typed or written legibly) must be submitted by Friday, June 4, 2021. For further questions, please contact Nora Avery at (785) 231-3097.

Parent Teacher Conferences

We enjoyed seeing everyone at Parent Teacher Conferences on February 17 and 18. If you didn't have a chance to attend and would still like to schedule a conference, please let us know!

College Prep Applications

College Prep applications will be available in March for both elementary and current 6th grade students. Applications will be available on the College Prep website. Thanks!

TPS Healthy Tip for February

A healthy heart is a happy heart! Check out this attachment for small life changes you can incorporate into your daily life to promote cardiac health!
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