Bronco Chronicles

Volume 11, Week 10/31 - 11/04/16

Principal's Message

Goooooood Evening #BroncoStrong faulty and staff. The eleventh week of school has been exhilarating! We have finished up our second six weeks and we are staying #BroncoStrong.

Don't forget to have your grades updated by 11/8 at 8am. Please make sure your students have a minimum of 10 grades. Please communicate with parents if their child wasn't successful the second six weeks and make sure you complete the failure report by 11/12. Also, please complete the Core Value Survey I will send out over the weekend so we can determine which kiddos will win our Core Value Awards for the second six weeks. Have a blessed weekend and stay #BroncoStrong!

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Friendly Reminders

1. Please make sure your UIL Rosters are turned in to Mr. Burchett by the end of the day on 11/4.

2. If you missed the faculty meeting this week, please come see me at your convenience by 11/4.

3. If you received an email invite to the Serving our LEP kids training, but you missed it, please come see me by 11/4.

4. Candle Furndraiser money is due today.

5. Grades for the 2nd six weeks must be complete and posted by 11/8 at 8am.

6. Complete the BJHS Failure Report by 11/12. (make sure you select the 2nd six weeks tab)

7. Submit GT nominations by 11/22.

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Upcoming Events

1. Election day is on 11/8!

2. National Veterans Day is on 11/11.

3. Team Time will be on Wednesday this week, because we will have a HS Pep Rally on Friday.
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Core Value KIDS Strike Again!

1. Kayla W. is PROACTIVE When she know she will be out, she goes to her teachers in advance and gets the work so she can work on it in advance. You Rock KAYLA!

2. Joaquin H. is always willing to help anyone. He really offers supplies when needed and helps others out whenever he can. Way to be CONSIDERATE Joaquin!

A Message from KID President in honor of Election Day!