Local Treatment Facilities

Treatment Facilities Are There For You

Treatment Facilities Are There To Help You

In todays society it is common for teens to hear about, encounter, or even participate in drug use and abuse. Over 60% of high schoolers stated that drug dealing, stashing and even using happens at their school. Its important for teens to know about places they or someone they know can go to get help. There are a multitude of different treatment facilities dispersed among the state one being the Northland Dependency Services. Different facilities offer different plans to help a range of different things such as drug and alcohol abuse and even probation services.

How They Work

The alcohol and drug evaluations are scheduled along an individual basis at each office location. These appointments are used to evaluate and determine the extent of the abuse. At the conclusion of the assessment different referrals to treatment services, educational groups and sometimes psychiatric assistance are made. If referred to a different agency or the individual, written reports and or recommendations are provided when the release forms are signed. As apart of the assessment standardize testing, interviews with the client and the clients available family and testing or hair and urine for drug use all take place. The NDS provided an array of different counselors for patients of all ages along with educational classes, group counseling, individual sessions and family sessions all play a part in the different programs.
Treament Facilities