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Summary of Myself

My name is Owen Loo I am 15 years old, I was born on August 1st 2000. I have a family of four. In my family there is my mom, my dad, my sister and myself. My sister's name is Clarissa she is 13 years old, my mom's name is Joyce and my dad's name is Gary. My family and I migrated from Malaysia in 2006. My mom has 2 brothers one older and one younger, she also has a younger sister. My dad has a younger brother. Both my dad and my mother's siblings are all still in Malaysia. My parents have influenced to play sports because both my mom and dad played sports in high school. My favorite sports to play are volleyball, basketball and soccer. My true color is orange which represents someone who seizes the moment, makes quick decisions and someone who takes advantage of the immediate opportunity. The Keirsey test tells me that i should become an artisan, I believe this will fit me well because I like working with my hands and i also like building things. There are many types of intelligences but my top 4 are interpersonal, bodily/kinesthetic, logical/mathematical and visual and spatial. Some of my interests are helping other people, being a leader of the group and interacting with other people. My top 5 values are security, time/freedom, status, belonging and power.

I sent my video as a file under the smore.