Rights for Everyone

By: Aidan T. & Chloe B.

Unfair Jim Crow Laws

Unfair laws (Jim Crow Laws) were passed in the South that made segragation legal. Segrigation happened in schools, pools, theaters, buses, and even cemeteries. In 1896 there was a famous court case; Plessy vs. Ferguson. The Supreme Court ruled that separate but equal was constitutional. This ruling would not be overturned until 1954.

Leaders and Activists

Brave People

There were many civil rights activists in the 1950's-1960's. One of them was Ida Wells Barnett. She had enslaved parents. She preached to end violence against African Americans. Another leader was Booker T. Washington. He grew up as a poor slave. He believed education was key to a better life. This is only a few examples of the many civil rights activists who helped African Americans get there rights.

The 19th Amendment

In 1878, Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote a womens suffrage bill. In 1919 congress voted for Elizabeth's bill. In 1920 66% of the states ratified the bill. Womens suffrage became the 19th amendment. It was a long battle for women to win the fight for there rights.

More Rights

In 1874 the Supreme Court ruled womens rights. They were giving women the right to vote. This decision would be left to the states. These states included;WY, UT, ID,CO. It took women 75 years to finally get the right to vote. At this time many womens activists demanded equal rights for women.