Striped Hyena


They are tyipcal looking hyena however they are more slender than most. They are about 1.5 meters long with black and brown striped shaggy fur.

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This hyena is very solitary, it hunts alone and only contacts others when its time for mating. They are less vocal than other hyenas. They tend to travel up to eight hours a day when hunting and cover about 50 square km. They prey on rodents, reptiles, and incects. They are in heavy competition with the spotted hyena for food. Hyenas tend to live in northern and eastern Africa and in parts of India. The habitat is very arid and rocky
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This species is threatened by loss of habitat and hunting. Also, striped hyenas are known to kill humans and livestock and are often trapped or killed. They are also hunted for their body parts which are used in medicine. The North Africa and Arabia populations may become extinct in the near future.
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