Book Review

By:Ty D.


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by Brandon Sanderson

Copyright: 2013

Genre: Science Ficton

What are epics?

Epics are a group of people who gained superpowers that corrupted them


David is a kid from the understeets of newcago. who convinces a group of resistance fighters called the reckoners to help kill an epic called Steelheart, who was the one to kill Davids father 10 years ago. He has them hatch a plot to pretend to be a high epic to lure out Steelheart. What will happen?

My Favorite Character

My favorite character is Megan. because Megan was the most curious character since she had a bigger role than most of the other characters

My Recomendation

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys science fiction. In my opinion it is just as good as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson

Character Gallery

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David and Megan

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Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson
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