Mustang Message

March 30, 2015

A Principal's Perspective

It is GP Rodeo time! I love the rodeo! It is a great time to bring our staff, students and parents together for a fun time. I want to thank you for your support of the rodeo by talking it up and participating in some way. The partnership between the PTO and staff is above par for the benefit of our students. I don't take that for granted and I thank you!

As I talk to potential candidates seeking a position at GP, it truly makes me thankful and very appreciative of our school family. It makes me very proud as the principal to talk about the passionate, dedicated, innovative staff that we have at GP for our kids. Amazing, daily things don't just happen, you make it happen! Again, I thank you!

Let's Rodeo!


A Word from the PTO President

The PTO appreciates your support and overwhelming responses to pitch in for a successful rodeo. Baking pies, judging the baking contest, selling tickets, being interviewed on KBTX, attending, encouraging students to attend and getting "pied" all help to support the PTO fundraiser. We hope to raise enough funds to continue enriching the lives of our students through your work as a GP faculty member. We are looking forward to a great day.

Lara Lewis

Morning Duties of the Week

Morning Assembly (7:30): Rike

Gym (7:20): Parr

Cafeteria (7:20): Lewis

Bus (7:20): Jankowski

Parent Drop Off Directing Traffic (7:30): Blomstedt

Parent Drop Off (7:30): Loke & Brown

Librarian: At GP

Guidance Lessons: STAAR

Week at a Glance

Saturday 10:00-3:00 GP Rodeo!

Week of 3/30-4/3 - Jeans for Rodeo Pie,Cake or Cookies

Monday: 4th Grade Writing STAAR Day 1

Tuesday: 4th Grade Writing STAAR Day 2; No lunch with the principal for 4th graders

Wednesday: 3rd & 4th Grade Running Club 3:15-3:45; New Teacher Meeting 3:30-4:30

Thursday: PTO Meeting 12:00; Social Committee Meeting at 3:20

Friday: Student Holiday & Staff Comp Day!

News & Notes

  • Campus Council Tuesday 4/14 at 3:20 - Bring grade level activity dates for next year

Rodeo News & Updates

  • Pie in the Face will be Monday, April 6th, due to STAAR that the week of March 30th.
  • If you are able to attend sometime on Saturday, come on and enjoy the fun! Enjoy eating great BBQ, eat some pie/cake/cookies and enjoy the bands. Fun Day!!!!
  • Talk It Up! - Please encourage your students to attend. If you are excited, they will be excited!

Quotable Thought

"The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month."

Henry Van Dyke

Who Knew?

  1. Americans spend $1.9 billion on Easter candy. That’s the second biggest candy holiday after Halloween.
  2. 70% of Easter candy purchased is chocolate.
  3. 76% of Americans think the ears of a chocolate bunny should be the first to be eaten.

Mustang Celebrations

  • Congratulations to Melanie Marshall on moving into her new home in the country over spring break!
  • Celebrating Brittany Blomstedt for her summer adventure to India!

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