Vacuum Cleaner

The Story Behind the Vacuum

James Spangler had asthma and was tired of having to get on the floor and clean the floors, which was his job. He was determined to make an electric carpet cleaner. He used all kinds of household items to make the first "suction sweeper." He got a patent for this rough version of the vacuum. James' vacuum was not the first but it was the first that was practical for everyday use. A friend invested in the business but it did not go far. Then he showed it to his cousin Susan Hoover and she talked to her husband William Hoover. He made a few improvements and the idea took off!

How the Vacuum Works

A vacuum is a device that cleans by using suction. There is a suction fan that makes a vacuum on the inside of the device. The air from the outside is sucked in bringing dirt and dust in with it. There is a type of bag that filters the air. It keeps the dirt and lets the clean air flow out as exhaust.

The Benefits of the Vacuum

The vacuum cleaner made cleaning floors and carpets much easier. Now there is different types of vacuums that can help clean areas other than the floor. There is small handheld vacuums that can clean smaller things. There is vacuums that you charge instead of plug in so you don't have to worry about cords.
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Vacuum Cleaner Video

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