Hello and Happy Spring!

Welcome to the Warehouse Newsletter. Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter as the Warehouse springs into ACTION! Periodically the Warehouse will send out newsletters sharing ways we are re-inventing ourselves to better serve education. Our goal is to make a positive difference by saving educators time and money. In this effort we are changing the unit of measure or package size on several items to actual manufactured packaging. This will increase productivity, reduce damages and require new item numbers. Listed below are the items being changed:


0185597 - Duo tang folder / Box / w/twin pocket / 1 box of 25 / $4.01

0185604 - Duo tang folder w/pocket / Box / 1 box of 25 / $6.50

0185239 - Duo tang folder w/o pocket / Box / 1 box of 25 / $4.23

0185067 - Vinyl football flags set / Doz / 6 red, 6 yellow / $2.76

0185069 - Vinyl football flag set / Pair / 1 red, 1 yellow / $1.74

0185030 - Pennies Vest w/number / Pair / 2 pair / $4.39

0180016 - AA batteries / Pk / 4 per pk / $0.91

0180270 - AAA batteries / Pk / 4 per pk / $0.91

Did you know - that the Warehouse issues around 90,000 reams of paper annually and saves educators time and money? Well it is TRUE! Collectively, Escambia County School District saves about $50,000 buying paper from the Warehouse. The more you use the Warehouse, the more we save!

When you have an idea about saving money - Think Warehouse!

Let the Warehouse be your first source for all your School's supply needs. Our Inventory is customized to your needs and requests.

Let the Warehouse be your first source. IT and Purchasing did and saved about $12,000. Instead of direct shipping technology carts to schools, IT and Purchasing partnered with the Warehouse. The idea was to save on shipping by using the Warehouse as a central delivery point. Then they had Kirby and his team deliver the carts to the schools! Now that's a Win-Win + Savings too!

Just a Reminder!

The WAIT is over! Internal Funds can now be used at the Warehouse!

Important facts about WAREHOUSE RETURNS!

When doing a Warehouse Return be sure to choose the "Return Do Not Re-order" selection, otherwise Skyward will duplicate your order.

If you have damaged items you will choose the same selection but put in the "NOTES" section a description of the damage and if you would like it replaced or credited.

Suggestion Box!

When you have a suggestion on How the Warehouse can make a positive difference by saving time or money, send and email to