Laxer Baller Pony

This roller coaster is one you will never forget!

Introducing Laxer Baller Pony

Laxer Baller Pony is a roller coaster that has 3 loops, lots of turns, and a lot of downhills. Our roller coaster is super fun, fast, and exciting to ride!
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Lowest KE!

The lowest KE is where the slowest part of our roller coaster. Even though it is slow right there it makes you stomach drop! You will still love this roller coaster!


Come to ride the best roller coaster! You will feel like you are flying! We have gotten great reviews! It is so fast, you will think you are in a jet! We start super fast and do loops at the end! You will love this roller coaster! Come and enjoy the Laxer Baller Pony, it will be your favorite roller coaster that you have ever ridden.