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About Ms. Wood


My name is Lauren Wood, or Ms. Wood, and I am a graduate from the University of Houston College of Education. I am certified as an early childhood through sixth grade generalist. This is my first year teaching, but I am already in love with my career. When not at school, I enjoy exploring Houston and surrounding areas. These monthly newsletters allow me to keep all parents informed about the exciting things going on in our classroom! If you have any questions not addressed within the letter, or suggestions for other pieces to include, please use the contact information at the bottom of the page to reach me.

Autumn Harvest Festival

The second grade PTO Autumn Harvest Festival is coming up! We will have the festival on Friday, October 30. Our class will attend from 11AM to 2PM. All parents are welcome to join us in the festivities. There will be pumpkin painting, hayrides, a pumpkin patch, kettle corn, caramel apples, and many other delights. We have been learning about harvest seasons across many cultures in class, so you are welcome to come see our projects inside, as well.

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Nocturnal Animals

We recently completed an awesome activity in science class called Nocturnal Animals. The point of the activity was for students to investigate the methods with which nocturnal animals operate in the dark. The powerpoint provided information about nocturnal animals before students participated in two activities. During the first activity, students reached inside small drawstring bags to describe and identify what they felt. The objects included a sponge, key, tennis ball, and bubble wrap, among others. For the second activity, ten sound recordings of animals were played while students matched the sounds to pictures of animals. An extension activity we did involved students closing their eyes and pointing to the direction from which I clapped.

The activities were extremely engaging for everyone involved. This activity combined science with listening skills. The lesson, Nocturnal Animals, was particularly valuable because multiple intelligences were stimulated in the students. They got to feel and hear while learning about nocturnal animals, an interesting topic in itself.

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War Pretzels

Each month an educational computer game is provided for your child to play at school and home. These games support lessons taught in the classroom. This month’s game is called War Pretzels, and it supplements our unit in single and double digit addition and subtraction. The game can be accessed at Your child can use his or her math skills to go against Super Pretzel Man or Pretzebella in the first annual all-pretzel arm wrestling extravaganza! In the game, your child chooses a pretzel character to represent him or her and answers math problems to earn strength points as the crowd goes wild. Your child must maintain strength to continue arm wrestling. If the strength runs out, the level is over. If your child earns 200 points, the level is won, and he or she will move on to the next, more difficult level. The students have really been enjoying playing War Pretzels to practice math skills in class. I hope you find time to continue the fun at home.

All the Best,

Ms. Wood


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about information in this newsletter or anything else about class.

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