The Death Of Marilyn Monroe

Ryleigh King

Background Information

Norma Jean Mortenson was born on June 1st,1926. She was an American actress and was signed for a short period of time with 20th Century Fox in 1944 and in 1946. She added a screen name Marilyn Monroe. She was famous for playing "dumb blonde" characters, she became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950's. Norma died of a "self- administered overdose of sedative drugs and that the mode of death is probable suicide, on August 5, 1962." It was known that Monroe was depressed and was seeking help from a psychiatrist named Dr. Ralph Greenson. She was found unresponsive lying nude on her bed with an empty medicine bottle in her hand.
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Media Perspective #1

Marilyn had many fans that loved and adored her but many of those that didn't like her because of the way the media was portraying her. They would call her a dump and say that she was not leaving a good image for the younger generation that adored her. Many of the people didn't admire the way she lived her life in such a provocative way. She was a role model to many people and the way the media portrayed her life was not something adults wanted their kids to look up to.
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Media Perspective #2

The media portrayed her to be this woman that is all about the glitz and beautiful gowns and glamour. She was looked at as the woman that everyone wanted to be like and wished that they could have her type of lifestyle. The one thing that Marilyn was good at was hiding her personal life. Behind all the other things she was experiencing tragedy, heartache and neglect. She was married 3 times, none of them lasting for more than 5 years long.

Media Bias

The media portrayed Marilyn to be this glamorous woman that was always dressing in the most amazing gowns and has this extraordinary life. Through her crazy life she found herself to be depressed because she was working all the time, she never got to take time for herself. Many people believed that when she was found in her room, she took all of those pills in the bottle. In my opinion, I think she was tired of the lifestyle she was living so she was wanting to end it. I would like to believe that she was being abused and didn't want to go through that anymore.

Feminists Criticism

Many women disagreed with what Marilyn did with her life and the kind of the things she was doing. With the roles she played and the photo shoots she covered. They thought she was being too provocative and showing too much of herself. Marilyn was all about empowering women and to make them stand up for themselves in situations when they couldn't. She was used and abused by men in her past up until her death. Monroe was a fighter, unwilling to back down, she made an identity for herself in a male-dominated society.
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Historical Criticism

Marilyn was a major historical figure because of everything she stood for in the 1950's. Her career didn't take off right away so she decided to change her name into something that sounds better for the type of person she wanted to be. She died her hair as well to match the new name she had just received. Monroe was good at what she did and many of people of her admired her and was jealous of her. She was an important figure in the 1950's because everyone knew who she was and what the kind of person she was.
The Mysterious Death Of Marilyn Monroe


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