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Martha Cornatzer Mentor

In the world of business, some people have incredible benefit of a mentor relationship to credit with some of their early success. For those that take on this role as a mentor it is a valuable part of an individual’s career legacy to integrate into what they did. Mentoring is not only useful for the person who is getting assistance, it is a great tool for the individual in a number of ways.

Mentoring can provide a wonderful feeling that comes from aiding somebody who requires guidance and making a difference in somebody’s life. It can also help the mentor’s career because it can drive an individual to challenge themselves and stay on top of their game in order to deliver the best advice.

Mentoring can make an individual better at what they do and more valuable to the organization because they have taken on the aspect of improving the work product of those around. Individuals that mentor demonstrate to the organization as well that they are successful in working with the next generation of leaders because they have a proximity to their behaviors and what drives them. It can also provide the individual with the inspiration for fresh ideas.

Not every organization has a formal program, but there are always opportunities to reach out and create an informal mentor relationship if you just look around. Professional websites link individuals from disparate locations who wish to engage in these types of beneficial relationships as well. For Martha Cornatzer who is a respected sales professional, she has been a mentor since 2006, the result of her work with eight account executives has led to exceptional rankings and performance.