Album cover process:

Using photoshop to design the front and back cover


During the process, I found it hard to use photoshop. Mainly because we were not taught the basics. However I managed to get a grasp of using photoshop, and the tools. It became easier the more I practiced. Before we even got to the stage of designing our albums, I had already made some before, so I had some sort of idea about what my album which actually look like.

Mock up designs I did before the Ancillary task got set:

Mock ups:

I made these before we were even set the ancillary tasks, because I wanted to to have a good visual sense of what my album may look like. My main inspiration for album designs came from Foxes. The actual artists who sand 'Let go for tonight' I really liked the way how her album was simple, but it looked really effective, and looked youthful. This was something I wanted in my own album.
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Foxes- Glorious

As you can see, the way the artist is positioned in the middle of the page, makes it look like a really good album cover. She has direct eye contact with the audience which pulls them in more. The colours are subtle, and light hearted. It's simple, but it looks really effective.

Using photoshop:

Developing my album cover:

Photoshop was very tricky at first, but I was able to get use to it, and play around with different things. I noticed the most tool that i've needed was the magic wand too, which allowed me to select parts of an image such as the background, and remove it. The bucket tool was also useful for colouring the background to a soft pink tone. I was also able to saturate and enhance my photos making them look more professional and sophisticated.

(Final cover)

This is the final cover of my album. It's simple but does look effective just likes Foxes album.
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Developing my back cover:

I found the back cover hard at first, but I managed to be able create a back cover. I used the same principle as the front cover, however instead of having the actual artist, she's seen as a cartoon like image.

(Final back cover)

As you can see, my back cover has deferred to my mock up designs. I changed the layout, and made it more graphic.
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