GCCISD Fax Procedure

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GCCISD Online Fax

Goose Creek CISD is slowly getting rid of fax machines.

The new "online" fax is becoming more popular and easy to manage. Pros of online faxing:

  1. Access Faxes from anywhere! The fax comes via email
  2. Easy to Use-Just like sending an email!
  3. View Fax History-Faxes stay in your inbox until you delete them not like a machine that forgets the fax after it is received!
  4. Anyone with a GCCISD email can send a fax!

Receive A Fax

When a fax is sent to your current fax number, it will then be emailed to a predetermined list of employees set by the site administrator.

They must do the following:

  1. Delete the fax (not pertaining to a person or school) or
  2. Forward the fax to the correct person

There will not be a fax machine, so the person who receives the fax must make sure it goes to the intended person.

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Send a Fax

  1. Open Outlook and go to write an email
  2. In the To: Section enter fax number (ten digits, no dashes), and add @fax.gccisd.net
  3. Attach Document
  4. Press Send

You will not need to add a (1 or a 9) for Long Distance Faxes. You will only need the


You will receive a confirmation email once your fax is sent.

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Need additional help? Please call the help desk at 281-420-4633