Runtastic, Mood Boosting, Program!!

Made By: Mairi Chavez

Do you need help with your weight?

I know going threw some tough times right now but I can help you with your weight and staying healthy. I can help you become more healthy and stay active . First of all do you go running every morning before work. If you dont you should try it, even if its only for 10-15 minutes a day. You can even walk around your neighborhood once or twice a day. Trust me it's just one way to loose some weight.

Ways To Stay Active and Healthy.

The first way you can stay active is by working out. Every day you can do 10-15 sit ups, push ups , and also jumping jacks and if you want you can try to break that limitations and go up to 20. The second way is you should get plenty of rest. I would say at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Remeber, always eat fruits and vegestables and hold back on the junk food.

Social Health

To keep a good social health you will have to :

  • sacrifice more time, energy, effert, or money
  • mentally, emotionally secure with yourself can help a person maintain a healthy relationship.
  • acting like your true self instead of someone that you arn't can strengthen social bonds
You have to have trust, compassion, respect, and acceptance.

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Mental/Emotional health

How to realize your Mental Health:

  • realizing your full potential
  • working productively
  • making contributes to the community

Ways to maintain your Mental Health:

  • connecting with others
  • staying positive
  • staying physically active
  • helping others
  • getting plenty of rest
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THE END!!!!!!