My Reflection of MATLT

A Farewell Tribute

My Learning Experience In This Course

This has been a very challenging course! With the assignment requirement of recreating previous assignments, it was difficult to find the correct activities and then redo them. At first I thought it would be easy, but I was wrong! All in all, I would say it was well worth the challenge.

As a whole, the MATLT program is very beneficial to instructors. Regardless of the teaching level of the instructor, which includes everything from early childhood to higher education, there is something for everyone to learn. Students need to have exposure to technology-rich learning programs, and the MATLT program prepares teachers to deliver technology in a method to meet the needs of their students.

Design and Development Challenges

When I initially learned that I had to create an ePortfolio for this course, I was worried because I had never done this before. I was not sure how to get started or what was to go into it. When my daughter showed me the one she had created for her project, I thought it would be simple. That was not so! It took me close to five days to design and develop my project, which included working on it all day until late at night. However, I feel confident that I have produced a quality project.

Improvements to Final Project Experience

The only suggestion that I have to improve the experience is to go through the steps to use the technology options. Eventhough we had several options to choose from, I was not familiar with some of them. One in particular was PBWorks ( I wanted to use that program but was unable to figure out how to get it set up and had to abandon the idea of using it. Perhaps if there had been a walk-through on using the program I may have been more successful in using it.

My Journey in the MATLT Program

As I sit here in my 'private study' thinking about this assignment, I can't help but feel proud and overjoyed at the accomplishments I have made in these 18 months. It was April of 2014 when I took on the role of being an Ashford Titan for the third time. I have always felt that this was where I needed to be in order to get the quality education that I desired. I would not change learning institutions for anything in the world.

My classes started out being erratic. After the first couple of classes I was scheduled for a 3-week break due to the MATLT program being brand new to the system. My academic advisor, Kristy Millan, was a tremendous help to me. When I called her and told her what was going on, she immediately jumped into action and told me she would fix it. A couple of days later, she called me with a new schedule and it remained that way without any further issues. I have truly enjoyed my time with Ashford University and I will continue to recommend it to my friends and family.

A Word of Thanks

My family has been very supportive of my educational journey. They continue to be understanding when they don't see me as much as they would like. A huge part of my success is owed to my children. They have been right here with me from the beginning to the end and I love them dearly. A special thanks to you, Dr. McCastle. You have been very patient with me and understanding of my struggles during this course. You provided consistency in what the requirement was and made sure that I did nothing more or less than what was expected. Also, thanks to my classmate, Tamika Ward. You offered words of encouragement to me during my low point and helped to guide me back on track.

To all of my classmates, thank you for making this an awesome learning experience and I wish each of you the best as you move towards making your educational goals a reality.