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Important Dates:

Thursday December 19th- Early Dismissal @ 1:18 pm

  • Class parties at 12:30pm

Student Holiday December 20- January 6th

Tuesday January 7th- Beginning of 4th 6 weeks

Wednesday January 8th- College Shirt day

Monday January 20th- Student Holiday

Tuesday Jan. 21- Jan. 30- Online STAAR Interim Benchmarks

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Learn with IXL at home!

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We’re using IXL to support our curriculum this year, and your child has access to this online program at home. With thousands of skills that match what we’re learning, as well as insights into student progress, IXL is a great resource to help your child excel.


1) Practice

Encourage your child to work on the diagnostics 10 minutes every night.

2) Explore personalized skill suggestions

Encourage your child to visit their Recommendations wall for helpful review or new challenges—it’s full of skills picked just for them!

3) Stay in the loop

Sign in to your child’s account and click on Analytics to see what they’ve been working on and take a peek at their progress. Celebrate your child’s accomplishments Want to receive certificates whenever your child reaches a milestone? Sign in, click on their profile icon, and enter your e-mail address under “Profile & settings”.

Lately at GIS...


Just like our sign in the office says, "Come in" please know that you are welcome at Giddings Intermediate School!

We value our relationships with parents and appreciate the opportunity to partner with you to help our children grow and learn throughout the school year.

If you are ever willing to help in any way, please let us know! We appreciate your support!

~Mrs. Floyd

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Christmas Cheer around campus...

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?! Riddle of the Week ?!

People don't pay attention to boring things....

  • The brain's attentional "spotlight" can focus on only one thing at a time: No multi-tasking.

  • We are better at seeing patterns and abstracting the meaning of an event than we are at recording detail.

  • Emotions help the brain learn.

  • Audiences check out after 10 minutes, but you can keep grabbing them back by telling narratives or creating events rich in emotion.

Brain Rules by John Medina

Let's see who is reading the newsletter....

Reply to the riddle of the week with the correct answer to receive a prize from Mrs. Floyd.

Please send an email response to the riddle of the week- the first 3 responses will win.

Riddle of the week...

True or False: Emotional experiences help our brain learn.

Campus Wide Expectations- Buff a Laws

Please click the link (button) above to see the explanation of our campus expectations. We use tickets to reward positive behavior of students. Students may use their tickets to purchase items and attend a reward activity every 6 weeks.

Character Counts!! #BuffPride

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Braveheart of the Week #Superhero #ThePowerofOne

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Braveheart Award for this week goes to..... Ms. Surman

Thank you Ms. Surman for everything that you do!!

Ms. Surman is a teacher who is always thinking about her students. She works hard to create learning experiences for students to prepare them to be successful in the future. She is reflective and continuously strives to improve her craft of teaching. She has created a classroom where students are comfortable to take risks and excited to learn.

I appreciate the Integrity in which she makes her decisions and treats her students.

Thank you Ms. Surman for being a SuperHero to many!

Bravely leading students to see their WONDER.

Thank you Ms. Surman - we appreciate you! (5th grade ELAR Teacher)

#ThePowerofOne #KnowyourWHY

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