Night of the Twisters

Dan Stacey and Arthur can they survive?

Book by: Ivy Ruckman Project by :Brayden

Summery of the book:

In as told by Dan Hatch Dan was telling about red and black letter days a red letter day is you like get $200. Dan won $500 and fruit of the loom under wear. He gave the under wear to his best friend Arthur. And he won a new racer bike. And a black letter day is like you fall in a mud puddle. In 5'o'clock Dan and Arthur they were going to Dan's house to eat diner. And they watched TV. In 6 'o' clock as soon as mom walked in she said " set the table Danny ". Ryan's chair was empty { Dan's little brother } he was napping. It takes him all afternoon for him to fall asleep. In 7 'o'clock they feld diapers and did the dishes. And then they decided to ride bikes or not. Then Aunt Goldie came through the door. Aunt Goldie said " where's D.J? ( it stands for Daniel John.) in 8 'o' clock as soon as they got to his house they clicked on the TV. they switched it to channel ten-eleven. They looked out the window and it was so dark. Then the sirens started and the TV said CD...CD...CD. Then the lights started flickering. And the sirens stopped. And the wind stooped. And THEY went to go get 9 '0' clock they huddled in the shower. After the tornado they were looking for a way out. And Stacey showed up. And she helped Dan and Arthur get up. In the next hour or so they went to go look for Dan's mom. They took mom to a bus stop to take her to Kmart. Then they begged to go save Ms. Smiley. When they got there she was asleep. In the Next hour or so they dropped Ms. Smiley off at the bus stop to go to Kmart.


setting/problem and solution

The book took place in Grand island Nebraska.

  1. 7 twisters hit down that night
  2. It took 4 lives
  3. Dan and Arthur real names Mark and John
Dan's problem is during the twisters his mom was not with him. His solution is that after the tornado they looked for her.

Arthur's problem is he was not with his family during the twister. His solution a long time after the twisters they met up at the barn.