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Edwards Plateau

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Cities found in the Edwards Plateau: San Antonio, San Angelo, Austin, Del Rio.

Edwards Aquifer: http://edwardsaquifer.net/

The eastern portion of the plateau is known as the "Texas Hill Country."

Important Facts

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  • The Edwards Plateau is fairly humid. It is neither dessert-like nor swamp-like. Humidity does not vary much throughout the year. In Austin, average humidity in most months is around 70%, and is slightly lower in winter and higher in summer.

Who's who from the Edwards Plateau?

Colleges: The University of Texas at Austin, Texas State University, San Angelo State University to name a few.

Who lives here? Matthew McConaughey, Andy Roddick, Lance Armstrong, Willie Nelson, Connie Britton, Dan Rather, Sandra Bullock, George Strait, Kanye West, etc....

What's to eat? Salt Lick BBQ, Coopers Old Time Pit BBQ, Buc-cee's, Mi Tierra Café

Edwards Plateau Biome