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September & October 2015

Amy Derkowski

Enrolled ~ June 21, 2012

Senior Consultant ~ Sept. 2012

Director ~ March 2013

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Hello Night Owls!

The chill in the air is a reminder that Fall is upon us. One of the great things about Fall is that it is our BUSIEST time of year as people are shopping for the holidays! Be sure to invite friends to get a jump start on their shopping while enjoying a little girl time.

I know these past few months have been tough for many, but please do not get discouraged. Dig deep, get creative, reach out to organizations that need fundraisers and work your business Every. Single. Day. by wearing the products and being proactive and suggest gift giving solutions!

Please use our team page to share ideas and provide a community that supports positive thinking. Now, who is going to earn the Around Town Tote? I know you all can do it!


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Carey Liszczynskyj

Lives in New Hartford, NY

Recruited by Amy Derkowski

Hannah McCauslin

Lives in Plattsburgh, NY

Recruited by Becky O'Bryan

The Night Owls Team Facebook Page

A great place to go for updates, encouragement and questions. We love to hear new ideas on how to work our business! Feel free to post any time, I'm sure our team can help you out!

Thirty-One Today

Check TOT daily for important company announcements. *Challenge yourself to visit the training section at least once a week, there are great videos and 31 minute calls. * Be familiar with the Business Updates before each party

Celebrate * Encourage * Reward

August Party Owls $500+

Margaret Shady $559

Liz Wayman $548

Team Stats ~ August 2015

Total parties 13

Total recruits 0

Team sales $6,239

Team members 19

Director's Stats - August 2015

Number of parties: 2

Numer of recruits: 0

Party Volume: $1,054

Head Shots Requested!

I love using pictures in our newsletters so we can all put a face and name with our team members and for congratulating you for all of your hard work. PLEASE send me a picture of yourself that you really like so I don't have to keep swiping them from Facebook :)

Celebrate * Reward * Encourage

September Party Owls $500+

Melissa Simonds $607

Team Stats ~ September 2015

Total parties 13

Total recruits 2

Team sales $6,943

Team members 20

Director Stats ~ September 2015

Number of parties: 2

Numer of recruits: 1

Party Volume: $1,588

Sharing News …..

If you would like to share any news for our announcements section, please contact me by the 1st of the month. I reserve the right to shamelessly steal news from Facebook!

Congratulations to Rosie Ressing!

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Leadership Incentive Trip

I had a fabulous time at the Hard Rock Resort in the Riviera Maya and I know Dan developed a deeper appreciation for the work that goes into running a successful Thirty-One business. Once again, thank you so much for your dedication to your business, as I most certainly could not earn this trip alone. My motivation is to earn the leadership incentive trip each year and I sincerely hope some of you strive to do the same ,as I would love to enjoy this experience with you on the beach at the Dominican Republic!
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