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Week of June 3rd, 2019

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On Tuesday, June 4th, many of our Southview staff and students will be away from the building to attend the Celebration of Life for our dear friend and classmate, Camden Arthur. Although there will be some regular staff at Southview (teachers, ECEs and EAs), in the absence of many staff members, we will have the support of LDSB occasional teachers, Educational Services support counsellors, and our school Superintendent.

Thank you for the support of our entire community through this very difficult time.

This Week at Southview

Monday, June 3rd (Day 4)

  • last week to sign out books at the library

Tuesday, June 4th (Day 5)

  • kinder gymnastics

Wednesday, June 5th (Day 1)

  • Region 1 Track & Field at Invista
  • Jones/Zwiers/Brown - Allen MacPherson House trip

Thursday, June 6th (Day 2)

Friday, June 7th (Day 3)

  • #WeAreOne - showing our school unity by wearing blue or Southview gear
  • Riverfront festival - Grade 8
  • Grade 1 gymnastics

Upcoming Events

June 10-14 ~ Grade 2 drama week

June 11 ~ Regional Track & Field rain date

June 12 ~ District Track & Field

June 12 ~ kinders to MacPherson House

June 13 ~ Garden Growers kinder program (Queen's facilitators at Southview)

June 13 ~ Loyalist College Experiential Learning - Grade 8

June 13 ~ Grade 1 gymnastics (9:45-11:15)

June 18 ~ Grade 4 trip (Quin-Mo-Lac)

June 18 ~ Grade 2 trip (Boys & Girls Club)

June 19 ~ Grade 5 trip (Ottawa)

June 19 ~ Grade 3 trip (Quin-Mo-Lac)

June 19 ~ Grade 8 Trip (Toronoto)

June 20 ~ Ultimate Frisbee tournament

June 21 ~ Grade 7 trip (Canada's Wonderland)

June 21 ~ Grade 1 gymnastics (9:45-11:15)

June 21 ~ Grade 8 Clap Out

June 24 ~ Grade 6 trip (Boys & Girls Club)

June 24 ~ Grade 8 Graduation ceremony and evening boat cruise

June 26 ~ Term 2 report cards go home

June 27 ~ Grade 2 splash pad trip

June 27 ~ Last day of classes for the 2018-2019 school year!

June 28 ~ PA Day for teachers but 1st day of summer vacation for kids!

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Community Connections

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