That File Won't Open!

An online file converter to help you open other file types.

BYOD sometimes brings challenges

With the influx of bring your own device (BYOD), we have seen a number of different apps, operating systems, programs, and products that come into the classroom. As the teacher, you can't be expected to know everything about every device (or how to guide students to the right file type).

So, what do you do when a student comes to you with an assignment (video, usually) that is ready to turn in for a grade, but you can't open it on your computer--it's the wrong file type?

Don't fear--we have an easy, online solution for you! is a free, online file converter that converts various types of media files from one format into another. Check it out.

How It Works

Downloads Automatically

Once the file has finished downloading (it does this automatically) you can find it in your Downloads folder on your computer.

And you've got a new file you can use!

A few more things:

One thing that is a little confusing with this tool: the large green download buttons are deceiving. You don't press them or it tries to download a program to your computer.

A Pro Tip: The blog tab has some pretty awesome tips on how to use this converter to your advantage.

However, we encourage you to use this tool in an ethical manner. Remember: Copyright laws apply to educators, too. Fair use ≠ use without attribution. Be a good digital citizen.

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