Grade 4/5B Weekly News

Mrs. Tomietto - Room 224

Week of: September 15-19, 2014


Reading assessments are continuing, and we are hoping to complete these next week. In writing, we reviewed sound sentence structure. Feel free to ask your child about subjects and predicates. The class is steadily making progress working quietly, but this remains a challenge with such a large group. Please review what attentive listening means, and be sure to ask them how they listen with their whole body!


Grade 4 students learned how to create and interpret double bar graphs, while Grade 5 students created continuous line graphs and determined whether data is discrete or continuous. Scale has been an important topic this week, and students determined an appropriate scale for a set of data. Students were asked to create a survey, either on their own or with a partner, with the goal of graphing their results. They can choose to use a double-bar graph or a continuous line graph. Next week, we will be discussing measures of central tendency such as median (Gr 4), mode and mean (Gr 5). There will be a test on these concepts during the last days of September or early October.

Social Studies

As a group, we engaged in a mapping activity, labelling all provinces, territories and capital cities in Canada. The Grade 4 students will be starting to compare geographic regions of Canada, while the Grade 5 students will begin learning about the 3 levels of government in Canada (municipal, provincial and federal). With the upcoming municipal elections next month, it is a great time to discuss how local government provides important services for all of us.


We viewed a video demonstrating lab safety procedures and discussed the importance of these precautions when working with lab equipment such as beakers, flasks, substances, light bulbs, batteries, electrical equipment, etc. The Grade 4 students have identified different sources of light, while the Grade 5's have read about the 3 states of matter (liquid, solid and gas).

Special Events/Important Dates

Professional Activity day: Monday September 22
Terry Fox run/walk: Tuesday September 23

Curriculum Night: Wednesday October 1 (Please plan on attending if you can).
Photo Day: Tuesday October 7