Bear Creek K-8 Library Newsletter

Fall 2016

Welcome Back to School!

School is getting into full swing and you may notice library books coming home this week as well. As the school's Digital Teacher Librarian I am thrilled with seeing students check out books and look forward to the work will will do in the tech lab.

You might want to know some basic information about the library and most of it can also be found on the Bear Creek K-8 Library Website.

Students are always welcome in the library if I am here. There maybe times I have meetings or hall duty and cannot be in the library but if students talk to me ahead of time I will let them know if I can be available.

Some important information regarding book and book check out.

Your student can check out 2 books for 2 weeks.

Calendars for when teachers attend library are on the library website. Many teachers come each week, some only come every 2 weeks and others send students down individually.

Students are responsible for their books. This is a great way to build in learned responsibility and teach our students how to be careful and thoughtful about how we treat library books. Parents are financially responsible if they are lost, stolen, or damaged.

What Does A Digital Teacher Librarian Do?

I'm glad you asked. Recently I was asked the same by a DU student studying Library and Information Science. She asked me to write a log of my daily task so she could write a bout a day in the life of a school librarian. It went something like this...