Passionate for V2 cigs E cigarette

E Cigarette

The habit of smoking had almost ruined my life. I got into this habit when I was in school. Earlier it was a fun and show-off but gradually it became my need and I got addicted to it. The pressure to perform and score well in college had made my life hell and smoking was a relief. As I was in hostel my parents were not aware of this habit of mine.

After joining the job it became more frequent. My seniors were astonished to see the frequency of smoking at such a tender age. I was really scared when I got married. I was scared about the consequences of this habit. I tried even to quit smoking before marriage but I failed. I tried many times but every effort goes in vain. I am happy about the way my husband dealt with this habit of mine. He introduced electronic cigarette to me. I was happy to know the benefits. I had many apprehensions but all washed away when I began using it.

The different strength of nicotine was a boon to me. I began cutting the level of nicotine. I was still in impression that I was smoking but actually I was vaping. I was happy for the people around me as they won’t have to do passive smoking anymore.

A wide range of flavors are offered by V2 cigs electronic cigarette brand V2 cigs. I tried many flavors and soon found that I like menthol and mint. It gives me freshness and keeps me energizing whole day.

Vaping is no more any issue. It has been solved and I recovered my health. I am no more looking pale and my skin has gained glow and hydration. I don’t have any problem of bad breath.

Thanks to V2 electronic cigarette which has changed my life and given me another opportunity to enjoy it. People who want to get full information about the e cigarette brands, they can visit electronic cigarette reviews websites also.