That's How Butterfield Does It!

February 8-12, 2016

We are crew, not passengers!

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I seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Great ideas coming from SMAC!

Teams are sharing ways to enhance support -

making "the difference" for student learning.

Your input is very important to our school improvement work.


I take care of myself, others, and the environment.


CIndy is leading our work for wellness -

and the great bowling challenge!!

More sharing from Cindy next Monday - Feb. 15th - on our PD Day!

And - doesn't the teacher's lounge look AWESOME?

Cindy Green - - - again!!

Cindy inspires us all to take care of ourselves - others - and our school environment!!

We LOVE you Cindy!

I embrace a growth mindset that promotes my own and others' learning.

As we are working together to "surround" our students with our HOWLs -

we KNOW that developing GREAT habits requires constant feedback and support!

As you "notice" our students exhibiting positive behaviors aligned to our HOWLs -

let's let them know - using LiveSchool!

There is a HUGE payoff for Butterfield as we support each other in developing this habits - using LiveSchool.

We'll explore ways to make this new system better

during our PD Day - Feb. 15th.

I seek opportunities to show gratitude and celebrate with colleagues.

Thanks to our 7th grade Honor Club

for their service project which concluded Feb. 5th!

"Let's Keep Warm!"

Lots of donations for those who need hats, scarves, and gloves.

We are grateful for this service project from our student!

Technology Progress - FINALLY!!! :-)

  • Infrastructure - wireless updates -BETTER every day! :-)
  • Chromebooks for every student - 8th grade has has them - waiting on a few contracts.
  • 7th and 6th grade - chromebook contracts being returned -

GOAL: assign chromebooks this week.

We're ALMOST one-to-one - EXCITING!!!

(something we've anticipated for a long time)

Other "Happenings" - - -

* Mon - Feb. 8th - ACT Aspire Information for Literacy - 3 teachers attending - sharing soon!

* Tues - Feb. 9th- - Indistar Lead Team Meeting; School Board Meeting; Band Pre-Assessment Concert

* Fri - Feb. 12th - Valentine's Deliveries - handled by Jeanie and Lee -

lists posted outside the library - students will be called out at the end of the day to pick up deliveries in the library; 8th grade Honor Society - service volunteering at Parkview carnival in evening.

* Musical work continues - very exciting!

Daily "Happenings" sent each morning from JW!

STRONG Communication for everyone to be "in the know" and "celebrate" our school!

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We are looking forward to ANOTHER GREAT WEEK - - - - - - Week 6 of Spring 2016!

BTMS Professional Learning Day

Monday, Feb. 15th, 8am-3pm

310 North 11th Street

Van Buren, AR

A day for professional learning!

Meet together in the Butterfield Library!