21st Century Tutor Available

7th-12th grade

Private Tutoring Available

Contemporary teacher and contributing author to, Empowering Young Writers: The "Writers Matter" Approach, who specializes in: reading, writing, social studies/history, project management, organization, study skills, and standardized test prep is available to help your child succeed in school and beyond.

Services may include: initial interview with parents/guardians and student, pre and post student survey to assess progress, weekly or bi-weekly sessions with homework assigned in between, as needed/desired, and expectation contracts.

Many years of experience with advanced, reluctant, resistant, under-motivated, “bored,” exceptional, or otherwise challenging students. Extensive experience differentiating instruction based on various learning modalities for an array of ability levels. Incorporates traditional techniques with modern technology to create a novel 21st century student centered approach to learning.

Evening and Saturday hours currently available. Sessions may take place in-home, at a public library, or as a virtual experience with mutual use of the Internet. $60/hr. Summer sessions available beginning July 1st.