About me


Ay name is harel trabelsi

i am 12 yers old.

i have black har and black eyes.

i am tall

i have three brothers and one sisiter.

i live in Israel, Ashdod on Mikve Israel street.

i go te eshkol school,

iget to school by car and sometimes i ealk to school.

me favorite day is friday because I love Friday because it's a short day and night recite Kiddush and go to synagogue all this family fun atmosphere and I love it.

i love Fidays and I love the Sabbath because it is a day not to learn a different day off from the rest of the day I have a game to go to synagogue on Saturday evening to make this distinction fun

עומר אדם - מודה אני
עומר אדם - מודה אני