Miss Castorena's 5th Grade Class

September 22, 2014


*Math Test over multi-digit multiplication on Thursday 9-25.

*Student Council speeches due by Thursday 9-25.

*Study spelling list - they are all individualized and students will take home on Mondays. They will need it to create that week's list. When they miss a word, it will continue to be on their list.

Upcoming Events

Sept. 24 Skating Party

Sept. 25 Picture Retakes
Sept. 29 Box Top Collection

Sept. 29 Limo Ride for Winners
Oct. 2 & 3 Camp (YEAH!!!)

A Peek at our Week

* Math test on Thursday. Some of the topics will exponents, multiplication properties, double and triple digit multiplication.

* Continue to study spelling at home. It is working pretty well.

* We are studying nonfiction pieces for reading and writing.

* I will send one home at the end of every unit. We just finished the writing process.

What we learned...

Math - Multi-digit multiplication

Reading - Expository Text (Questioning)

Vocabulary - stun & extend (multiple meaning)

advantage disadvantage solitary sociable (antonyms)

Root Stems - chrono, crat, demo

Writing - Personal Narrative (1st genre study)

Birthdays this Month (September)

  • Hannah
  • Dalton
  • Liz