Curling History

By: Jordanna

Aspect of curling

curling is a sport where you slide rocks on ice and try to get it on the button. Curling has two team, 4 people on each team. Curling is meant to get to the button as close as you can for the most points.

the ends are most likely eight to ten rounds. This sport involves a lot of team work.

The equipment

Curling brooms- Theres two types of brooms. Brush or "push broom" the other is a corn/straw or Canadian broom, with long bristles looks like a normal brush

Curling shoes- shoes that grip in the ice well. You need a slider on one shoe and a grippy shoe on the other so you have so grip


Curling originated in the 16th century in Scotland. Games were played on the frozen ponds in the winter. Curling stones came from Scottish regions 1511. In the 1600, stones with handles were introduced

Olympic History

Mens curling was included in olympics in 1924, first olympic game was in placid

Key words

Black line- Line at the back of house. Traveled behind the toe line and near centreline

Bonspiel-curling tournament

Button- the circular area (centre of house)

Curl- curve rock travels down the ice

Double takeout- play that takes out two rocks (opposing team)

Hammer- last rock shot out of end

Hog line- behind which player must released the rock and rock has to be over for it to be in play

Slider- smooth piece on your footwear that allows you to slide on ice

Wide- rock delivered outside the intend line