Designing a Scientific Questionare

The correlation between gender and fast food visits

By: Alice D. and Mia P.


Does gender effect the amount of times sophomores eat fast food in a week?


Female sophomores will eat fast food more times a week than males sophomores will.

Type of Investigation


Parts of the Experiment

Independent Variable: Gender

Dependent Variable: Amount of times sophomores eat fast food in a week

Experimental Group: N/A

Control: N/A

Constant: Grade level and all live in Coppell

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Graph (range)

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According to the data collected from this experiment, female sophomores in high school eat more fast food weekly than male sophomores. When asked on average how many times they ate fast food a week, the female average was about 1.5 times a week while the male average was about 0.75 times a week. This shows that males eat fast food about half as many times as females do. In a study by ABC, "Gender of Eating Companion Influences How Much People Eat", it is claimed that typically, females eat less in public. This study, although, shows different results.


Our hypothesis was supported by the lab and data.

Sources of Error

In this lab there were a few sources of error. Something that was encountered during the information collection process was that people had a hard time remembering how many times. Also, the definition of "fast food restaurant" was unclear, as people didn't know what counted as fast food. Additionally, race and ethnicity could have effected the numbers because some races and ethnicties prefer to eat at home so if different a variety of races were asked, their customs could have effected the number of times they ate fast food, thus effecting the data.


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