JFK Assassination

By Jiordan Price

background information

John F Kennedy was born on May 29, 1914 , he was the 35th president some say he was the most valued president that we have ever had. President was campaigning to run for president when he was attacked The assassination of JFK happened on the date of November 22, 1963 in Dallas Texas it was around noon at least ten minutes after the barricade started. It was a total shock to the world because it was broadcasted live to the world when he was shot.
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The assassination was caught on film, with the film being released to the public theory's and conspiracy started to leak out. In the film there were potentially two shot in the assassination. the theory was that the first bullet missed and the second bullet hit him in the head. It was also said that there was a third bullet in the investigation. the accused sniper was Lee Harvey Oswald. The theory that is most talked about was the C.I.A. agent that reacted to the first shot, he tried to take his gun out to shoot at Harvey but when the car sped up he fired a bullet and it hit Kennedy in the chest.
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There are many biases when it comes to the JFK assassination and depending on who's view its coming from they are all different. They try to get you to take there theory because it might sound right or it might make sense. Nobody knows what really happened that day but there are people who will try to persuade you to believe them.


Historical criticism is the one device I think is used the most throughout this assassination story. When people talk about JFK they think and talk about the different ways that this president died. There are so many ways that he could have died but nobody really has the answer to this case

My Opinion

in my opinion lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK this is the only theory thin I think fits the case. There was one shooter in the assassination he was in the library and he took two shots that killed JFK there was no second shooter and there was not a third bullet lets just face it JFK was killed by one person.
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