Missouri Today!!!!!!!

By Collin and Nate

Here's Missouri's Population!!!:)

Missouri's population has drastically changed since the 1900's. It used to be less than 100,000, now its over 6,000,000!Wow that is a big difference from now in 2016 than 1900's

So don't mess with Mother Nature because she will make Missouri beautiful.

This Map of Missouri it shows it's many landforms.It has raging rivers and many plains.It has beautiful hillsides and wonderous caves.All and all Missouri is the place to be!Missouri has weather across the state.Let's take a look at some of the factors that effect temperature!

About Missouri's Climate

Elevation of an area usually affects the temperature.Even though Kansas City is farther North than Springfield it is warmer because of it's higher elevation.Another factor is the distance from the Equator.The equator is the warmest spot on Earth,so the closer you are to the equator the warmer it gets.
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The Midwest

Missouri is located in the Midwest region. This region is home to the great lakes. It also houses the Mississippi River, the Missouri River, the Great Plains, and many other rivers.
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Missouri's resources

Missouri has many resources. They produce lots of clay and fire clay. It is the leadimg lead producer in the U.S.A.! It also has forests and farms. From copper to coal and zinc to rocks, Missouri has many resources.
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Landforms of Missouri

Missouri has many rivers and high plateaus. They have open plains and thick forests. There are also terrific hills and peaceful lakes. These are just a few of Missouri's beautiful land form.
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The diversity and Unity of Missouri

Missouri is very diverse because many people have moved here. They have all brought different cultures and lifestyles. They are in unity because they are free in the same state. All of us belive that we should live in a free country.
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Famous Writers from Missouri

Some of Missouri's most famous writers like Mark Twain write stories about what their lives were like. Some others get inspiration from Missouri's countryside. And some just have a great imagination. No matter what, Missouri has some talented writers.
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Missouri's Wildlife

Some of Missouri's wildlife are Animals,Plants and trees.And most of Missouri lives in the wildlife like cats,dogs,deer,and birds.Missouri also has dangerous things like poision ivy and lots of dangerous animals like such wolves,snapping turtles,and rattlesnakes.And if you want to go hiking you should bring water because animals pee in that water that you think is clean.
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