Much Ado About Nothing

English 11 project

Hero's dead

One of the largest event, in my opinion, from the play is when the fryer convinced Hero to fake her death. Don John played a prank on everyone and said that Hero was unfaithful to Claudio, and everyone believed him! Hero was not unfaithful to Claudio so when Claudio announced this in front of everyone at their wedding everyone was shocked! Leant , Hero's dad told her she was better off dead than ruin the family name. The fryer said that someone had said that this tory was not true, and that Hero should fake her death to restore honor in her name, and to make everyone feel bad. Once Claudio found out that Hero was faithful to him he told Leant that he would do anything for him to retire her name. This was a breaking point to the plot because the play watchers didn't think they'd get their happy ending. This revealed that Don John would do anything just for his enjoyment and that Claudio can express him feelings without being so quit.

All of Me- John Legend

This song really represents how Claudio is truly in love with Hero. Throughout all they have been through together they still love each other. This represent that both of them truly love each other even if Claudio thought that Hero cheated on him. This also represent Benedict and Beatrice love for one another. They wrote love note to each other to express their feelings to one another. This plays main theme is loves because in the end two couples end up getting married.
John Legend - All of Me