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Sean Houlihan - Specialties

Sean Houlihan is a teacher who has worked in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Jersey. He specializes in the following: Classroom Management, Student Assessments, Communication Skills, Parent Relationships, Curriculum Development, Lesson Planning, Standardized Testing, Collaborative Teamwork, Meeting Facilitation, Classroom Technology, Learning Strategies, Presentations & Reports. He has over nine years of classroom experience and is currently working as a long-term substitute at Narragansett High School.

Developments at Seton Hall

Sean Houlihan is a teacher with experience in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Jersey who is an alumnus of Seton Hall University, where he attended in order to obtain his Master’s Degree in Education. The school as a long history that dates back as far as a century and a half ago, making it among the oldest universities in the United States of America. The school is constantly growing and developing when it comes to campus construction, expansion of schools and bringing in new students. As mentioned on Seton Hall’s website, there have been a number of pivotal developments within the past few decades:

The physical development of the campus continued in the 1990s. The $20 million Walsh Library opened in 1994, and its first-class study and research resources marked the beginning of a technological transformation of Seton Hall. Jubilee Hall, the University's newest academic center dedicated in 1997, is a clear example of Seton Hall's continued commitment to undergraduate education and the expanding role of information technology in higher education. All classrooms in this six-story, 126,000 square-foot building are wired for network and Internet connections, and many of the lecture halls are equipped with distance-learning technology. A new School of Law building and parking garage were also constructed in the 90s.

The School of Diplomacy and International Relations was founded in 1997 in an alliance with the United Nations Association of the United States of America. In 1998, all incoming full-time, first-year students were issued laptop computers as part of the University's innovative and nationally recognized mobile computing program.”

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Sean Houlihan - NCEA

Sean Houlihan is a Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Jersey teacher who was once awarded Outstanding from The Department of Elementary Schools of the National Catholic Educational Association. Below is a description of the deeming authority, as provided on the NCEA’s official website:

“The National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) is a voluntary association of educators and institutions. The Association's structure is based on a departmental arrangement whereby member institutions hold Association membership through one of the constitutive departments. The membership departments are: Boards and Councils, Chief Administrators of Catholic Education (CACE), Elementary Schools, Secondary Schools, Religious Education (and) Seminary. NCEA members - individuals, institutions, or organizations - receive specialized services based upon their work environment and/or professional role from these membership departments. Each membership department conducts its work independently as well as collaboratively with other NCEA departments or commissions. The membership departments are supported by service departments that carry out the day to day business of the Association, as well as directly supporting members through membership management and providing professional development, public policy, and other services Catholic Teacher.

NCEA is the largest private professional education organization in the world, representing 150,000 Catholic educators serving 6 million students in Catholic elementary and secondary schools, in religious education programs, in seminaries, and in colleges and universities.”

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Sean Houlihan - Giving to Others

Sean Houlihan is a teacher who has repeatedly shown his support for outreach efforts in his local community throughout living in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Jersey. He is a giving individual who believes in raising the overall quality of life in his community by helping those who need it most. He volunteered for six years with the Rhode Island Special Olympics. He was also heavily active in the Boys and Girls Club of Newport, where he eventually earned the recognition of being Volunteer of the Year in 2005. Below is a short statement from the Boys and Girls Club of Newport describing their history, as provided on the organization’s website:

“The Boys Club of Newport County was incorporated in 1956. Our first site was established at the Park Holm Community Center in the North End of Newport. By 1957, the Boys Club had leased the historic Thayer School building on Church Street, previously the site of Newport’s first high school, to allow the Club to serve more youth. In 1973, a concerned group of citizens, led by the late Justice Florence K. Murray, determined that services for girls were also needed and thus the Girls Club of Newport County was established and incorporated on January 14, 1974. On May 28, 1980 to strengthen the service potential of both agencies the two organizations merged to form the Boys & Girls Clubs of Newport County.”
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Innovation in Education

The manner in which we educate our children has changed greatly over the years. Education reform has become a hot topic in America, with many parents and educators weighing in on the best methods to engage and inspire learning in youth. Although there may not be an obvious, wide sweeping solution that answers the question of how to best educate all students, creating a learning environment that inspires students' growth often leads to a more engaged student body.

Educator Sean Houlihan of Massachusetts believes in being innovative in his teaching techniques and working with students to help them reach higher levels of education. Houlihan strives to ask thoughtful questions of his teaching style and modifies his work to promote lifelong learning.

Being innovative in education can be scary. No one wants to fail, especially in a field where your work directly impacts the lives of others and the words "pass" and "fail" are often synonymous with future success. Failure is not always indicative of the future! If one method of teaching seems ineffective, learning to listen to your students and adjusting your lessons can be well worth any mistakes made in the process.

In this same way, always be open to criticism. Listen to feedback and watch for improvement or decline in grades and the level of engagement in students. Although it is often much easier to be complacent in education, working with and believing in your students can make all the difference in their educational experience. Having a thriving classroom also changes the attitude and job satisfaction of teachers and faculty. Joining your students in the educational process can be a life-changing experience for everyone involved. Having the willingness to change and the ability to implement new ideas can create the ultimate learning experience for anyone who is driven and wishes to see success.

Visiting Rhode Island – Getting the Full Experience

Rhode Island is home to the sailing capital of the world and boasts more than 400 miles of coastline to relax on and take in the beautiful scenery. With a vibrant, world-class art scene, one of a kind restaurants, award-winning theater, and over twenty percent of the nation's historical landmarks, Rhode Island is an excellent place to escape the daily routine and explore!

Visitors to Rhode Island can find numerous activities to pass the time. Some of the many activities include bike rentals along the boardwalk, bike paths, over 100 beaches and numerous family seaside attractions. Not to mention the breweries and distilleries, vineyards and wineries, parks, fishing and sailing charters, tours, casinos, and over forty of the best golf courses in the country! A trip to Rhode Island means fun and entertainment for everyone in the family.

The rich, diverse culture throughout the state also provides an abundance of fabulous restaurants and cuisine from around the world. This cuisine, of course, includes some of the freshest seafood available!

Sean Houlihan Massachusetts, a teacher from Massachusetts, spent his college years attending Salve Regina University in Newport Rhode Island. He looks back on those years as some of the best in his youth and believes the diverse culture and rich historical presence helped shape his view of education and teaching.

Whether vacationing in one of the many hotels, bed and breakfasts, cottages and campgrounds, or planning a permanent relocation to the Ocean State, Rhode Island is a fabulous place to bring the family and enjoy a piece of culture and relax.

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Sean Houlihan Massachusetts - Rhode Island Vacations

Rhode Island is one of the Atlantic Coast’s favorite vacation destinations for a number of reasons. There is a lot to see and a lot to do there. It is the quintessential New England experience and while you are there, there are many activities to enjoy. The most popular destination in the state is the city of Providence. It is a city that has gone through careful renovation over the years through the careful guidance of proper urban planning. It was once a molasses and rum trading town and has become one of the best places to live in the United States. Throughout the state and the city, you will find historic sites, beautiful theaters, and wonderful museums that exist in unison with modern attractions such as shopping areas and public facilities. You will find a convention center, a scenic river walk, outdoor skating arenas, a variety of restaurants, modern hotels and more.

One popular destination is the Roger Williams Zoo, which is a hit with families and features endless entertainment for families throughout the state. The historic area is defined by the buildings and businesses that are based around Benefit Street. It is filled with historic homes that ring of splendor and style from an era gone by. This is part of the careful and meticulous preservation and renovation that the city has structured. It is a success story and the stuff that makes everything about Rhode Island a great place to visit. Sean Houlihan is a teacher that lives in the state of Massachusetts. He spent his college years in Newport, Rhode Island, which is not too far away from this great city. He tries to visit whenever he can.


With modern advancements in technology, collaboration in the school or workplace is much easier to accomplish. The internet has made it possible for people to work together on complex projects sometimes regardless of their geographical location, which in turn has raised the quality of work submitted.

Take this example: Scientists and researchers working on a cure for AIDS were long baffled by a molecular issue related to the disease. So they came up with a game, Foldit, which required players to solve a molecular puzzle. And that’s what players did. The results of the players’ 10 days of collective effort were more than the scientists had gathered in decades.

This is just a unique example of what collaboration can achieve when effectively utilized. Transitively then, if collaboration was taught to children at an early age, wouldn’t we be molding a generation of effective, efficient, collaborative problem solvers and knowledge learners?

Collaboration strategies

A teacher is more likely to have much success with group work if their students can learn the following strategies: compromise, listening to each other, setting up accountability measures, encouraging feedback, assigning responsibilities amongst themselves, having a common purpose, and establishing ways of assessing progress.

For early ages, assigning roles and responsibilities can be left to the teacher since they know individual students’ strengths. Assessing progress is best illustrated by having students keep a log of their work (where they meet, how often, what they have accomplished individually). For the teacher, monitoring progress becomes easier, and to encourage more good work, they can set up checkpoints that build up to the ultimate goal.

Sean Houlihan is an experienced teacher who’s taught in Massachusetts and New Jersey. More to being an effective educator, he’s always reading up on ways to improve the learning experience for children.

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There are numerous answers one can give to the question “Why teach?” You can do it for either social, economic, or philanthropic reasons. For Sean Houlihan Massachusetts, being able to make a difference in a child’s life and prepare them for life ahead is a reason to stand before a classroom every day. To him, teaching is all about making a difference.

For many other teachers across the globe, the feeling is the same. Teachers feel good when they see their students gain insight into new concepts and topics, or pick up a skill that will be useful in their lives. Teachers have the power to impact the lives of their students, and by fostering openness, confidence and character, they provide each child an opportunity to become a better person.

Teaching is more than a job. Many are attracted to it for the sense of service; they want to make a clear difference in other peoples’ lives. As a teacher, you get to see the result of your work every day as you interact with students and help them tap into their intelligence.

A lot people work for the paycheck. For teachers, the job is a vocation. To students, teachers are more than just another employee. They are friends, guides, and mentors who help them make sense of the world. Apart from parents, teachers are the people whose words they keep close in life.

Sean Houlihan Massachusetts is an experienced teacher who’s worked in New Jersey and Massachusetts. His ambition is to continue being an effective educator in and out of the classroom.

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Mentors are often seen as individuals who offer advice, assistance and support to mentees, and are treated as knowledgeable and experienced individuals. But despite their inherent knowledge and experience advantage, mentors face challenges in their mentorship efforts. Acknowledging these challenges is just as good as recognizing the importance of mentoring.

As Sean Houlihan of Massachusetts knows, mentoring isn’t easy. Like any other responsibility that requires time and effort, it comes with its share of challenges. Mentoring requires dedication and hard work. Understanding what can be done to overcome the challenges is essential to making the experience a fruitful one.

Assessing the mentee

As a mentor, you have to understand the kind of person you are working with. Does the mentee respect authority? Are they open to taking advice? How good are their interpersonal and communication skills? Getting the answers to these questions can take time, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

Setting goals

Establishing goals and helping the mentee accomplish them can be a struggle, but if you remain consistent throughout the relationship, you’ll be cultivating an organized approach to the mentoring. Having goals provides a clear vision and purpose of the engagement.

Identifying talent

Sometimes, providing support and guidance is not enough. A mentor has to go the extra mile to identify the mentee’s hidden skills. Every person has their strong and weak areas, and identifying them in the mentee helps you determine where they can concentrate their efforts on for the best results.

Sean Houlihan of Massachusetts is an experienced who currently works at the Narragansett School District as a substitute teacher.

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The importance of maintaining good parent-teacher relationships is one of the areas many school boards like to emphasize on during interviews. Indeed, for many teachers, keeping parents in the loop is essential to ensuring their support in helping the education process.

Sean Houlihan has extensive teaching experience, having taught in various schools across New Jersey and Massachusetts for more than nine years. He knows it takes concerted effort on the teacher’s part to maintain good parent-teacher relationships, and it can be accomplished in a number of ways.

As a teacher, ask the parents how the mode of communication they prefer, and use that method to keep them informed on their child’s progress. Regardless of the mode, don’t always focus on the areas that require improvement. Discuss the things the child does well. When you are constantly pointing out the weak areas, parents will be less motivated to work with you.

From the start of the school year, make it known to parents that the classroom is open to them. While you don’t want to encourage parents popping in without notice, let them know that they can always visit if they make it known beforehand.

Endeavor to communicate with parents on a regular basis (weekly, fortnightly) on how their child is performing with regards to behavior, graded assignments and classwork.

Leave space for the parent to provide feedback.

Where parents and teachers communicate regularly and share information about the child, they are better prepared to help the student succeed.

Sean Houlihan Massachusetts is an experienced teacher who’s taught in Massachusetts and New Jersey. He is an avid reader with his favorite topics being historical biographies and crime fiction novels.

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Sean Houlihan on Why Student Assessments are Important

There is more to being a teacher, like Sean Houlihan, than simply offering information to students. A quality teacher needs to be able to assess whether or not the student has actually learned the given subject matter. To do this, assessments are needed. However, creating these assessments, or the standards used in the assessment process is not a black and white concept. There will never be one test, written, oral, or otherwise, that is effective for every single student. Just as every person is different and unique, so is their style of learning. Therefore, assessments must be able to account for these differences, or they will not correctly show the student's true level of understanding.

Another item to consider is that the assessment is not the end goal of the learning, but a reflective point. When a student is assessed, the teacher learns where the child is at in their educational development, and can estimate which new items should or should not be introduced next. An assessment also shows the teacher if a certain style of teaching is working for that particular student, or if the method needs to be modified in any way. Designing good assessments is complicated, as the tests need to be fair to all students involved. This is often easier said than done, as again, each student has a different style and way of learning. Sean Houlihan has found that the best way to give proper assessments is to fully understand each of his students, and how they function in their educational environment.
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How Sean Houlihan Builds Positive Parent-Teacher Relationships

When teaching middle school aged students, or any age for that matter, Sean Houlihan Massachusetts knows that a parent is his best resource for information about the child. To have ready access to this information, he must build a relationship with the parents that is strong. When this happens, he has the support he needs to teach the child effectively, and an open line of communication that is vital to the student's success. A teacher cannot rely on basic greetings and the occasional five-minute face-to-face time with a parent to build their relationship, there is much more work involved. At the beginning of the school year, Houlihan starts to build the basic foundation of his parent relationship by offering assurances to nervous students and their guardians. Especially in middle school, there are many fears that need assuaging with a new environment and new curriculum.

Throughout the school year, he hosts open house style events to have more face time with each attending parent. Making these events more informal and festive allows everyone involved to relax and feel more comfortable. He is able to give the important information that the parents should have, while not seeming to bog them down with too many intricate facts. He uses every method of communication that is at his disposal through the year as well. Parents have different schedules with their own jobs and responsibilities, and can be difficult to reach at times. If a parent is more comfortable with email or texting, then that is the communication method Sean Houlihan will use.

Serving as the Athletic Director of the Boys and Girls Club with Sean Houlihan

In the early 2000s, Sean Houlihan had the privilege of serving as the Athletic Director for the Newport County Boy's and Girl's Club. This position was a good stepping stone between receiving his education and going on to become a middle school teacher in the tri-state area. The Boy's and Girl's Club is a non-profit organization that is focused on the healthy growth and development of youth and families. With locations all over the United States, facilities provide safe and caring resources for all who attend, especially the less fortunate.

Programs set up through this organization are centered around the concepts of character and leadership, health and wellness, and education and career development. Through their mission, the Boy's and Girl's Club is dedicated to promoting the full potential of every child, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

As the Athletic Director of the Newport County branch, Houlihan was a part of many new and exciting developments in Rhode Island. During his tenure, he created many different basketball leagues, including some that were directed toward at risk teenagers. He was also responsible for organizing charity and fund raising events to support the basketball leagues. Houlihan also helped to plan a summer day camp for children aged seven to twelve. In keeping with the Boy's and Girl's Club's wish for healthy children, Sean Houlihan created a state of the art weight room for use by members twelve and older.

The Education that Made Sean Houlihan a Quality Teacher

Before becoming a steadily employed teacher in 2005, Sean Houlihan gained his own education from some well respected schools in the Northeast United States. After graduating from Tilton School in New Hampshire, Houlihan was admitted to Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island. Here, his major was American Studies. This coeducational Catholic institution gained its charter in 1934, and offers nearly 50 undergraduate majors as well as eleven Master's degree programs. In 2002, Houlihan earned his Bachelor of Arts degree. Not one to rest on his laurels, he decided to further his education after deciding that he wanted to spend his professional life as a teacher.

To achieve his Master of Arts degree in Education, Houlihan was granted entry to Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. This university, also a Catholic faith-based institution, was established in 1856. Named after the first American born Saint, Elizabeth Ann Seton, the school has been nationally recognized for its programs and achievements.

The university offers twenty-six different graduate programs in the study of education and human services, ranging from counseling to Education Leadership in Management and Policy. As one of the largest religious educational universities in the United States, Seton Hall University carries an inherent respect in its field. The mission of the school is to nurture students in heart, mind, and spirit. Sean Houlihan Massachusetts values the education he received from both places, and knows that they each imparted wisdom into his future endeavors.

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