Mrs. Balak's Kindergarten Class

December Update

November Review

We had a very busy November with the Book Fair and Grandparent's/Special Friend's Day! We also celebrated our adopted support staff, Mrs. Stephen's birthday. Mrs. Balak's class decorated Mrs. Stephen's door, brought her coffee, lunch, and a special afternoon treat. She felt very appreciated! Thanks to everyone who pulled it all together!!

Mystery Reader & Library Volunteer

There are still a few spots remaining for Mrs. Balak's mystery reader and library helper! Please take a look and sign up if you can.

12 Days Until Christmas Break!

We only have 12 more school days until Christmas's hard to believe!

I've had several parents ask about a group gift for Mrs. Balak. If you would like to contribute, you may do so via cash or check. Please send a sealed envelope to school with your child, to attn: Susan Brown. Ask your child to turn it in to Mrs. Balak. We will also give her a heads up to look for these. If you prefer to deliver to Susan directly, please contact her at

If you do send an envelope, you may want to e-mail Susan so she knows to look for it. Also, we may use a smaller portion of the funds to get Mrs. Stephens as little something as well.

This is not meant to be a financial hardship in anyway and is not mandatory! This will be presented as a gift from her entire class!

If you've already purchased something, that's fine too. This is just for those who want to go in on a group gift.

Kinder Holiday Party

Friday, Dec. 18th, 9-10am

800 Sommerville Drive

Prosper, TX

We will be having a Holiday party on December 18th. The students will participate in a wrapped book exchange. Please send your wrapped book to school with your student by Monday, December 14th. The party details and a sign up genius (for those who want to help during the party) will be available soon.

Contact Us

As always, if you have any questions, please give us a shout!

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