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Erin Whitman

Last Minute Training

On Monday, April 6th, Maggie Plouff & Erin Whitman spent their last evening of spring break working out at the YMCA to help them get in shape for track season at Bay View Middle School. They started out by running a few laps on the track to warm up, and then jumped right into some ab and arm workouts on the ground.

After about an hour of sit-ups, planks, push-ups, and other exercises, they switched over to the machines. While Maggie enjoyed watching Erin struggle with certain machines, she made sure to push her hard to help her improve.

When Erin decided she had had enough of the machines, they went over to the bikes and ellipticals. Erin enjoyed these much more than the intense workouts Maggie planned, so they spent about an hour running and biking to get their heart rates up. After a long workout like that, they both went home, took hot showers and slept well that night. Both girls felt well prepared for the first day of track the next afternoon.

Intense First Track Practice

Tuesday, April 7 marked the date of the start of track season for 7th and 8th graders at Bay View Middle School. The first day of practice consisted of some introductory information, along with a lot of time spent learning warm ups that the kids would be doing everyday.

Because it was only 45 degrees out in Green Bay, Wisconsin that day, the coaches kept the kids inside for some station conditioning work after their warmups. The large group of kids was divided into 6 smaller groups, and each group participated in each station for 5 minutes. Some of these stations included abs, sprints, laps, weights and stairs.

However, the next day, it was obvious who had been at practice the night before. One student expressed you could easily tell who had been training for track season prior to their first because they weren't the ones complaining about their legs being sore and whining about the practice that awaited them after school. All of the work they put in that first night is just the beginning of the training for meets in the upcoming future.

Jazz Band Festival

The 8th Grade Jazz band members had an early morning on Friday, April 17th, as they had to be at school by 6:30 am. The weather was brisk, and the girls in dresses were complaining about being cold.

After packing up all of their instruments, the teenagers piled onto a coach bus for a three and a half hour drive up to Marquette, Michigan. When they arrived at Northern Michigan University, their teacher Mr. Johnson went into the main building to check in his group for the NMU Jazz Festival. They then hauled their instruments up to their performance room where they would play three songs for two clinicians. The clinicians gave feedback and worked with the students before they packed up to head to the large group clinic with Regina Carter, a jazz violinist.

After the 45 minute clinic, they piled everything and everyone back onto the bus and headed to the hotel so they could change before dinner and the Jazz concert that night. Some students complained that the concert was too long, but others found it very fascinating to watch and listen to.

After such a long day, the kids were only allowed an hour to visit in eachother's rooms back at the hotel, so some played cards while others watched tv. The next morning, everyone was up early for a long drive back. While some students slept, others talked about what a great experience participating in the NMU Jazz festival was.

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