Positives and Negatives of Twitter

Riley Hlavac


  • Easy to Use: It's simple to create posts and post them to your page
  • Straight to the Point: You get 140 Characters to make a quick tweet, so you won't add much unnecessary information
  • Secure Micro-blog: Twitter has a secure connection that makes it safe
  • Connecting: It's easy to connect to people that you already know and meet new people
  • Follow Your Favorite Celebrities: Twitter verifies all celebrity accounts so you know you aren't following a fake account


  • Limited Amount of Space: Twitter is limited to 140 characters per post
  • Limited Direct Messaging Features: You can only direct your message to one person at a time
  • Text Based: You can't post pictures or videos, only the links to them
  • Posts Can Get Buried: If you post something it may get buried in comments so you might have to repost things
  • Less Privacy: Your posts are not private, and can be seen by everyone