Malcolm Gladwell


this book really was something else and i really enjoyed every send of it. the approach it took from youth hockey to why the Beatles are so famous. he takes a very in-depth an different approach to viewing success. like why youth hockey kids in Canada are more successful if they are born in the earlier part of the year vs the later part. maybe your wondering why bill gates is so famous ? he covers that to. overall its a classic and a book you won't want to end.

READ it !

in my option its the best book iv read all year and i give it two thumbs up.

Is this book boring ?

who wrote it ?

isn't he crazy ?

how good is it really ?

what is an outlier ?


Malcom Gladwell does it again with a crafty and witty approach on life, sports and things that just plain make sense. from hockey to teachers and sumo wrestlers. its an adventure to the end of the book.