Stella & Dot Many Pearls

April 2016 Memo

March Top 10 in Sales

Kathy Chaney 2446.44

Michele McGee 1504.84

Shanna Donald 1427.38

Elle Hatcher 1333.2

Jennifer Rhea 1264.5

Krystal Garcia 1239.13

Christy Campbell 818.28

Morgan Carman 813

Jayme Griffin 790.72

Shannon Kennedy 705.5

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Welcome to Many Pearls! March New Stylists

Jennifer Hollowell, Bartlett, TN sponsored by Kathy Chaney

Tabatha Wesley, Spring Hill, TN sponsored by Kathy Chaney

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April 4 is Global Meet Stella & Dot Day!

April 4, 2016 has been designated as our the very first Global Meet Stella & Dot Day! Our Executive Director, Julie Stevenson, is hosting an online MSD on FB! You goal to invite at least 10 prospectives! Go join FB event (all details are below) and invite your 10 right now! There's never been a more exciting time to be a Stylist - and this is so much more fun with a friend!
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Words to Say to Invite Your Prospects! One lucky guest will win the new Reversible Tote!

Have you ever wondered just what it's like to be a part of Stella & Dot?
It's GLOBAL Meet Stella & Dot Day!! You're invited to learn more about our booming, global accessories brand and we look forward to sharing with you all of the exciting reasons why now is the best time to start a new adventure with us...including the launch of our BRAND NEW SUMMER COLLECTION!! To celebrate, we have an AMAZING new stylist special through the end of April where you can recieve $750 in free accessories with our basic sign-up kit. If you would be interested in sharing our gorgeous style, and doing something fun, flexible and personally and financially rewarding this Spring & Summer, then please tune in!

Join our quick 30 minute event to hear more:
-About S&D
-How we get paid
-How much you can earn
-How to fit S&D into a busy life
-How to run your business
-How to earn $100's-$1000's in free accessories & commissions the first 60 days!
-How to earn a free trip to Costa Rica!

All guests who join in and participate will have a chance to win our BRAND NEW Reversable Tote!! Can't wait to chat with you Monday, April 4th @ 8:30 PM CT

Let's Chat. Stella & Dot, Online Opportunity Chat

Monday, April 4th, 8:30pm

Your Sofa

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.

April is going to be Awesome!

With the debut of the incredible, game changing Summer line, Autism Awareness, Hello Extraordinary incentive, AND the VERY BEST SPONSORING SPECIAL we are heading into an AMAZEBALLS month! Go for $500 to earn the Hello Extraordinary bracelet. Challenge yourself to sell 50 ( or 100) Autism Awareness bracelets to make an impact for HollyRod Foundation. Sponsor your first, or 50th, stylist! There's something for everyone in April.

I would LOVE to chat with you about your April goals. As you know, I will NEVER bug you - I'm not your boss! But, I'm here to HELP you HELP yourself. So, if you want help with your business in April, email me to arrange a time to chat!